Acara Senior Vice President Chris Beckage Talks Seasonal Hiring With SHRM

Ahead of the holiday crunch, many U.S. employers are increasing pay to secure seasonal workers. The average hourly wage for seasonal retail, restaurant, and hospitality employees is expected to rise to $15.40 this year—a 30% increase from 2017.

“You have to make it worthwhile to [seasonal employees],” Acara Senior Vice President Chris Beckage explained in a recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Companies hiring seasonal workers often entice candidates with bonuses—sometimes as much as a full week’s pay—that are paid out at the end of the assignment. Beckage also noted that some employers are dropping drug-screening requirements in order to staff up more quickly.

While the advent of the “side hustle” has prompted some full-time employees to proactively pursue seasonal opportunities, recruiters are still doing the bulk of the heavy lifting—and they’re taking their searches out of the office and into local communities to connect directly with the people who might be interested in making some extra holiday cash.

Read the full article on the SHRM website.


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