All-In at Acara: Hannah Sullivan

All-In Acara: How Hannah Sullivan’s Love for Helping People Led to Her Sales Success

Since starting her professional career, Hannah Sullivan has been incredibly passionate about helping people and truly enjoys talking to and meeting new clients and candidates each day. She currently serves as an Acara Account Executive and strives to connect businesses and talent to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

In the latest edition of our “All-In at Acara” series, learn how Hannah’s ability to be flexible and creative— but also logical and analytical—have helped her contribute to the growth and expansion of Acara in Phoneix.

An Arizona native

I grew up in the Prescott area of northern Arizona and currently reside in Chandler. While working full-time—as a branch manager at Chase bank—I attended Ashford University online and graduated with my degree in business.

A true people person

After working in business relationship management for several years, I came to realize that I love interacting with and helping people. I also enjoy finding solutions and assisting people with their career development and advancement goals. The challenges I faced in my previous positions taught me to think creatively to find outside-the-box solutions and better ways to make a difference for the clients that I supported. Being in both self-producing and leadership roles has given me a holistic view of how to better support my clients and I am thankful for that.

The road to Acara

At the beginning of 2022, I was contacted by an Acara recruiter about an open position. Several things the recruiter told me about the company and the role piqued my interest. But ultimately, it was the involvement of the leadership team throughout the hiring process that led me to accept the offer. The process had a relational component. I appreciated that they took the time to share their vision of the role which included both the company’s immediate needs and insights and the long-term growth potential the position offered.

Life at Acara

Through prospecting, cold calling, warm referrals, team referrals, and networking partnerships, I identify potential Acara clients that are seeking assistance with their talent acquisition needs. I take a lot of pride in the account management side of my role and in developing relationships in new and personal ways. I then foster them into long-lasting partnerships that successfully meet the client’s individual industry-specific needs.

As an Acara Account Executive, I’m responsible for finding solutions that best support my clients’ talent needs—both today and in the future. This role requires that I be both flexible and creative and also logical and analytical—utilizing each strength as needed to create individualized solutions to accommodate my client’s needs. Acara is not a one solution fits all organization!  Being in sales is challenging, and I view my role as a long marathon and not a fast race. It’s human nature to want the instant gratification of seeing your efforts rewarded. However, a lot of times, I don’t receive affirmation or witness results until months into the client partnership.

Acara in one word

If I had to describe Acara in one word, it would be inclusive. The Acara team is very close-knit and places a lot of emphasis on seeing team members succeed. I think this differentiates our organization from other staffing companies. It’s a great feeling to know I can lean on anyone—regardless of their title within the organization—to help me through any challenges that I face. Because at the end of the day, leadership sees that when we work together, we all win together. In my past positions, this was said but never actually put into motion. I’m given flexibility and autonomy in how I work with my clients. Again, it’s about supporting our clients and not putting limits on what that looks like.

A look to the future

Since 2020, we have seen many changes in the talent market—unlike we’ve ever experienced before. Pay rates have never been higher, talent is in the driver’s seat, and our clients have had to rethink how they attract and retain talent. Acara has been proactive in its approach to educating and partnering with both clients and candidates—while many of our competitors are still selling to the client. In this market, businesses are looking for a partner to support and teach them about the “how to” versus a “we can” approach.

Looking ten years into the future of the talent acquisition industry, it’s difficult to predict what it will look like but I think it will continue to be just as fast-paced and continuously changing. To remain competitive, the talent acquisition industry will be required to become even more flexible and adaptive. This will require an understanding of what clients need for their company’s immediate and long-term growth and what candidates require to feel comfortable with their career choices and goals.

Life outside of Acara

To kickstart my work day, I have a cup of coffee and listen to music. Outside of work, I have three sons—ages 23, 19, and 15—that keep me busy along with my quirky feline friends. I enjoy reading, movies, and creating. I’m passionate about volunteering and finding ways to help improve myself and those around me. Being a mother and having a career requires creativity and planning—which is not always easy but definitely rewarding. The hybrid work arrangement that Acara offers allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Dependent on my mood and the time of year, on a day off from work, you can find me relaxing at home day watching a television series or traveling and taking in the sights. Living in Arizona, summers are mostly spent indoors, but I make up for it during the cooler months by being outside.

If money or time off was no object, I would travel to Spain—I have always wanted to go. I love the culture, the food, and the people. My father is from Madrid so that makes me want to learn more and visit the country to see it for myself.

To learn more about Hannah connect with her on LinkedIn.

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