All In Kacie

All-In at Acara: Kacie Teague

After a long career in the hospitality and restaurant management industry, Kacie decided to switch career paths and was hired as a district recruiter for a security company. Her knack for recruiting did not go unnoticed and she joined the Acara team six years later as a Recruiting Manager. Her previous recruiting experience and ability to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment have driven her to achieve great success.

In the latest edition of “All-In at Acara” series, learn how Kacie Teague plays a pivotal role in not only the day-to-day happenings of the talent acquisition industry but also how she serves as a strong mentor to her team, clients, and candidates.

Aspirations in medicine

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and graduated from Anthem College with a medical assistant degree. Immediately after graduation, I took a job in the hospitality industry where I was a manager for several years. I decided that I wanted to expand my horizons and took a position with Farmers Insurance as an office manager. Part of my duties in that role was recruiting, with which I had no prior experience. I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make a permanent career out of it. I ended up taking another job as a direct hire recruiter for a security company and worked as a regional recruiting manager for that company for six years.

Journey to Acara

In August of 2021, I found a job posting on Indeed for a remote recruiter role. I was interested but unfamiliar with Acara, so I visited their website to get a feel for the company and its goals. I was immediately intrigued by how Acara offers a variety of recruiting solutions for their clients, especially since I came from a company that only provided direct placements. I accepted the position and have since worked my way to a recruitment manager.

Daily responsibilities

My role as a recruiting manager consists of juggling many different balls in the air at once. I am responsible for leading and mentoring a team of phenomenal recruiters. This includes making sure my team is up to date on new hiring trends and best practices, which means I must stay up to date on these trends as well. Additionally, I work closely with program managers and clients to create recruitment strategies for their hiring needs. These needs can include things like finding and attracting top talent by partnering with local outreach programs, advertising, social network groups, and coaching candidates on the best interview and resume practices.

Work can be challenging when there are so many roles that I’m trying to fill. But the challenge makes my job interesting. I truly enjoy that no day is ever the same, and I look forward to seeing what each day will bring. I am always learning something new, whether it be from clients or my internal team.

Likewise, the talent acquisition and staffing industry are constantly changing. While there used to be an abundance of applicants per job, the market has recently shifted. It is no longer an “employer” market. Candidates are becoming very selective with what positions they choose to accept. In fact, the more a company can offer them in benefits, the better the chances are that a candidate will accept a position. Acara has combated this by staying up to date on the trends and needs of this ever-changing industry. As technology becomes more prevalent, as we have already seen since the beginning of COVID-19, it is critically important that Acara evolves as the industry does.

Keys to success

I believe that I am well suited for this role because of my knowledge and previous experience in the staffing industry. I also work in a fantastic company culture. My colleagues and I work collaboratively, supporting each other by asking and answering questions and streamlining ideas to drive the most efficient and proactive results. Acara is a company that truly cares about the well-being of its employees. This speaks volumes as not everyone can honestly say that about their employer. They promote diversity and inclusivity, which has proven to be hugely important when speaking to clients or candidates. Also, our flexible work arrangements make it much easier to balance being a working mother.

Life outside of Acara

Outside of work, I am kept busy being a mother to my daughters. Between two to three days a week, I can be found at the ice rink with them watching their skating practices. When I get a moment of free time, I enjoy riding horses, gardening, and trying new trendy restaurants. An ideal day in my life would begin with a cup of coffee on my porch, grabbing brunch with friends followed by shopping or relaxing by a pool. A goal of mine is to one day backpack around Europe, immersing myself in the fascinating history, architecture, and food!