Seeing Fit: Acara’s Joe Ranieri Weighs in on the Importance of Building Strong Relationships

As a business development account executive for Acara’s Cincinnati office, Joe Ranieri partners with clients to seek out the best candidates for the positions they need filled. It’s a challenge he undertakes with discipline reminiscent of his military career. In the latest edition of Seeing Fit, Joe talks about building strong relationships, achieving success in the industry, and what the holidays look like with eight siblings and three kids.


On his passion for helping people:
I’m very enthusiastic about this industry, not only when it comes to helping a client and building a relationship with them, but also when it comes to finding a candidate who really fits. When I find a good match, it benefits not only my client, but the candidate. Being able to see the excitement on both sides of the relationship is rewarding. It’s about the people, and that’s something that is very important to me.


How his experiences set him up for success:
I was in the military at a young age, and it taught me discipline, a skill that’s critical in recruitment. I’m very grateful for that experience. After the military, I worked as a manager at the post office while I attended school at the University of Cincinnati for business management. From there, I took a sales job that taught me how to be self-motivated and interact with people. All of this has given me experience in business, business development, and building relationships, which I consider the most important part of recruitment. Developing these skills is where the foundation for my career really started.


On landing a job at Acara:
I was very impressed with how Acara conducted their interviews, and it took off from there. This is my career of choice and my company of choice. I like to tell people that if they want to be with one of the best companies, this is the place to be.


How talent acquisition companies help:
In the past, companies tried to hire employees on their own. They’re now finding that because the unemployment rate is so low, it’s getting harder and harder to find viable candidates. Partnering with an agency like ours is definitely an advantage, because we have a vast talent pool, and it’s our job to find the right fit for them. We have a lot of tools, and we’re always staying connected by going to networking events and attending human resources conferences.


On finding the best candidate:
One of the things the recruiters on our team do is actively seek out candidates. The best candidates are sometimes the ones who are already employed. They are the most marketable people you can present, because while they are not necessarily looking, they excel in their field.


What it takes to succeed in talent acquisition:
The staffing industry can be very challenging at first, because all clients are completely different. I work with engineering firms, tech start-ups, and everything in between. There are a lot of different personalities and cultures. It’s getting past obstacles and gaining experience that matters. If you can persevere, this is an incredible industry. Not only are you helping people, but you’re advancing your career while doing it.


What you might not know about Joe:
There are a couple things you may not know about me. To start, I’m fluent in Italian. I’m also the youngest of nine siblings, and I have three kids—a 24-year-old, a 20-year-old, and a 17-year-old. Holidays tend to get very noisy! I don’t know if you can imagine it, but a family that big can keep you busy.




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