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7 Interview Tips to Offer Job Seekers

Acara Solutions Senior Recruitment Professional Kim Schultz is bright, energetic, and as cool as it comes. What’s more, she’s pretty darn great at her job.

A staffing and recruiting pro who is creative with her delivery, Kim can be overheard talking to job candidates about more than just interview tips—quick tidbits about “top-secret” cold remedies, wild Netflix documentaries, and good books are all on the table.

And that’s why Kim has so much success working with job candidates and customers alike. She’s personable, attentive, and always seems to know what people are looking for. And that’s why these interview tips for job seekers are so valuable—because they come straight from the brain of recruitment expert Kim Schultz.

Yes, she has a bucketful of thoughts, but here are her top seven.


1. Time is of the essence.

“Don’t wait more than 24 hours to send a thank-you follow-up note. If you do, you quickly become ‘old news,’ and it shows that you’re probably not that interested in the job anyway. So don’t wait more than a day to thank everyone for their time and remind them why you’re the person for the job.”


2. Don’t be bashful.

“ASK. FOR. THE. JOB. Seriously, if you leave an interview (and actually want the job) you need to ask for it. People are not mind readers. Say outright that you are interested in the position and that you’d be thrilled with the opportunity to work at the organization. Literally say, ‘Is there any reason you would not hire me for this position? Because I’m very interested and want this job.'”


3. Be considerate.

“Don’t interview somewhere just to get a counteroffer from your current employer. This is so bad on so many levels, but it happens all the time. Counteroffers are never positive because it shows your employer that you have wandering eyes, which usually means you’re looking for more than just an extra buck or two. In short, don’t interview somewhere else just to get your current employer’s attention—it’s just a bad and ineffective look.”


4. Stay hungry.

“Why are you bringing a Subway sandwich into your interview? (Yes, someone has actually done that.) Don’t bring food with you, but bringing water or coffee is totally fine.”


5. Listen: listen.

“Try not to interrupt, talk over, or hijack the conversation. Interviews run the smoothest when you are listening 70% of the time and only talking the other 30%. Listening is key!”


6. Research!

“Research who you are interviewing with before the interview. Find out things like how long they’ve been with the company or where they went to college. You might be able to find a commonality to bond over during the interview! Also, this may help guide your questions, such as, ‘What made you recently join this organization?’ which is always a great question to ask.”


7. Dress to kill.

“Yes, it is okay to overdress. It’s way better than being underdressed. In other words, if you have any doubt as to what you should wear, just overdress yourself. This will show that you are serious about the position, which will help you come across in the best light possible.”


For more job interview tips to share with job candidates, check out this infographic, 20 Job Interview Tips You Need to Know.

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