6 Challenges in Talent Acquisition – and How to Solve Them

By Jason Zambito, Account Executive

Is your company looking to hire viable job candidates? Then you already know the slew of challenges that accompany the task at hand. Unfilled job positions and lackluster hires can cost your organization thousands of dollars.

To help you find the highest quality candidates that’ll boost your company’s performance, let’s take a look at some common challenges in talent acquisition and the proper solutions to solve them.

Challenge: Thousands of candidates are flooding the job market, making it difficult for your company to find the right culture fit for your organization.

Solution: Enhance and advertise your 4 C’s:

  1. Credibility: Promote your company’s reputation and the character of your employees.
  2. Compensation: Provide a competitive salary and benefits package with attractive perks.
  3. Culture: Create an appealing mission and vision statement that your organization lives and breathes.
  4. Commitment: Dedicate your company to a “we’re-all-in-this-together” type of mentality to promote teamwork.

Challenge: Hiring managers are forced to rely on saturated job boards and transaction-based recruiting agencies.

Solution: Job candidates are using social media to search for jobs. Enhance your recruitment efforts on these platforms using some of the following hashtags:

#jobopening; #nowhiring; #hiring; #jobsearch; #jobs; #careers; #employment; #jobhunt

Challenge: HR teams are overworked and overtasked, leading to last-minute recruitment, hiring, and onboarding decisions.

Solution: If you have ample time to interview and onboard your candidate, examine the following steps:

  • Have honest and up-front conversations
  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Express your company culture during onboarding
  • Have a learning plan in place to expedite both employee understanding and production

If you don’t have the time for these critical tasks, consider partnering with a partner organization that can.

Challenge: Recruiters are struggling to relate to their audience in the marketplace and/or can’t find the right “organizational fit,” particularly when recruiting millennials and Gen Z.

Solution: About 47% of the global workforce will be millennials by 2020. Fast forward to 2030, and approximately 75% of the workforce will be part of this group. Currently, millennials prefer text messages over phone calls. The same goes for Gen Z. Ask yourself: “What do we know about managing millennials or other generations?”

Challenge: Employers who choose to lean on the lighter side of the pay range experience more turnover and ultimately spend more time and resources on the hiring process.

Solution: The costs of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding—paired with those of unfilled or unsuccessful hires—often outweigh the cost of a high-quality hire. Weigh your hiring costs against your staffing expenses and see how the numbers shake out. It’s better to spend $70K on a high-quality candidate than $100K to recruit, hire, fire, and replace a less effective employee.

Challenge: Companies invest too much time and effort on the recruiting process and fail to devote enough attention to employee retention.

Solution: Balance your organization’s time and prioritize workplace benefits, such as:

  • Perks, values, and culture
  • Flex hours
  • Enhanced PTO
  • Solid benefits
  • Attractive 401K
  • Stock options
  • Independent or off-site work settings
  • “Work to live,” not “Live to work”

Sure, there may be more challenges than solutions in the talent acquisition space. But by leveraging our TA tips, you’ll make a meaningful difference within your organization. To simplify things even more, I’ll leave you with this:

If you need help from an outside staffing and recruiting agency, choose wisely!

At Acara Solutions, we’re the easy choice to make. Why? Because we offer a comprehensive and consultative approach. We understand our clients’ company cultures and we know their needs. What’s more, we get the job done right. Having the right approach, seeking the right people, and representing your brand are all just a few key elements that top companies recognize in our service.

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