8 Recruiting and Staffing Industry Strategies For 2023

As the economy wavers and talent attraction continues to remain an issue, organizations face a number of challenges in 2023, including:

Increased competition for top talent in certain industries makes it more challenging for companies to find the best candidates for their open positions.
The ongoing economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic is causing many companies to be cautious about hiring.
Whether you agree or disagree with pay transparency, it looks like it’s here to stay. Pay disclosure laws vary. Some require employers to provide the minimum and maximum pay, or a pay range, for a given position upon the request of a job applicant. Others mandate this information be provided without requiring candidates to ask first. The most recent set of laws requires employers to include this information on all relevant job postings.

Are you prepared to attract and retain top talent?

In this E-Book, Acara outlines how to maximize your organization’s talent attraction and retention success using the following strategies:

Focus on the candidate experience
Build a culture of internal mobility and growth
Recruit for potential
Promote pay transparency and fair compensation
Differentiate through perks and personalized benefits
Recognize and reward employees
Hold stay interviews
Nurture your candidate pipeline

Download the E-Book today to learn how to enhance your recruiting and staffing industry strategies to attract qualified job candidates and retain your top employees.

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