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Make sure every candidate is the perfect fit.

Acara offers temp-to-hire services that enable the seamless transition of your contingent workers to become full-time staff. Upon sourcing and screening your new hires, our contract-to-direct team will deploy these resources as contract employees with a set schedule for status conversion. If you’re satisfied with their performance, we’ll handle the intricacies that accompany the temp-to-perm conversion.

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    Refine your search.

    When it’s time to fill a vacancy, why settle for anyone less than the best? At Acara, we employ proprietary search methods and advanced tracking technologies to source and screen the perfect contract worker. But here's the best part: we act as the employer of record for all contract employees, so when HR services are needed, we're there. In other words, our risk is your reward.

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    Make the leap.

    Are you so impressed with a contract worker that you want to bring them aboard full-time? No problem. We'll take care of the contract-to-direct technicalities so the contract worker can move from your contingent workforce to your full-time staff seamlessly. Eliminate administrative burdens and reduce training costs with contract-to-direct services from Acara Solutions.

We make the temp-to-perm employment transition seamless.

When you’re ready to bring on a contract employee with potential for permanent placement, Acara will be your partner through the entire process. Our temp-to-hire process involves proprietary search methods and advanced tracking technologies to source and screen the best contract worker for your company. If you choose to bring them aboard full-time, we’ll work out all of the technicalities of the contract-to-direct hire transition to ensure a smooth process.

  • Risk mitigation.

    Get a good look at a temp's skill set, effort, and attitude before you commit to bringing them on full-time.
  • Cost savings.

    Save training and onboarding costs by hiring an existing member of your workforce.
  • Resource optimization.

    Focus on other areas of need while we take care of sourcing, vetting, and onboarding employees.

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