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    Monthly Employment Update

    The American employment landscape is constantly changing. Our team at Acara is here to break down the numbers and explain the latest developments in the job market each month. Keep up-to-date with the most recent trends with our monthly Employment Landscape Overview. All data is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the America Staffing Association.

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    How to Attract the Attention of Qualified Candidates in Your Job Postings

    Whether you’re looking to hire a contract employee to help with seasonal work or a C-suite executive, a great job posting is critical to attracting the attention of qualified candidates. An informative, inclusive, and interesting job posting will ensure you’re attracting the best talent without having to spend time sifting through a slew of unqualified job seeker applications.

  • Featured Infographics

    Labor Force Summaries

    Looking for information on the workforce in a specific region? We’ve got you covered. Our infographics include data such as total employment, working age population, unemployment rates, and top growing and posted occupations.

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