• Featured E-book

    14 Power Search Tactics to Find Qualified Candidates

    As exhaustive and far-reaching as Google has become, finding specific data on candidates can still be a challenge. Our definitive guide to Power Search will help you find quality resumes through simple and effective online searches, and ultimately, fill open jobs more quickly.

  • Featured Whitepaper

    Accessing Talent and Buildling Better WorkForces

    Employers estimate that they lose $14,000 for every job that remains open for 3 months. How does it add up? Since early 2015, the economic recovery has sparked an intense competition for talent across a broad array of industries. From manufacturing to information technology talent needs, no human resources department has been unaffected.

  • Featured Infographic

    Rise of the Machines: How AI and Automation are Changing the Workplace

    By 2030, an estimated 370 million jobs will be lost to AI and automaton. At the same time, entirely new jobs and occupations are being created to support increasing adoption of artificial intelligence. It is critical that companies take time to understand these technologies now, so they can use them in a way that maximizes productivity and generates cost savings.

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