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  • Video MVP Webinar YouTube Feature Image

    Optimizing Contingent Labor: The Benefits of a Master Vendor Program

    This educational webinar delves into how a Master Vendor Program can benefit your organization and improve recruiting metrics—all while saving you valuable time and money.
  • Video ACR EOR benefits video feature

    Employer of Record Benefits

    This short video explains how payrolling/employer of record services can help you better manage your contingent hires. With Acara's EOR services, we act as the contingent worker's official employer. We assume employee classification responsibilities, absorb all relationship management and clerical duties, and protect you from sensitive co-employment risks.
  • Video MSP MVP or Both

    Managed Service Program, Master Vendor Program, or Both?

    Acara and Broadleaf explore Managed Service Programs and Master Vendor Programs to assist you in determining the most suitable solution for your company's unique requirements.
  • Video Job posting video feature

    Stephanie Amos on Populating an Effective Job Posting

    Acara's Senior Recruitment Specialist, Stephanie Amos discusses the who, what, where, why, and how of populating an effective job posting.
  • Video EVP Webinar

    Acara + Lattice: EVP 101 - How to Develop an Employee Value Proposition

    Acara Solutions and Lattice partnered up for an EVP 101: How to Develop an Employee Value Proposition webinar! The two featured speakers are Ryan Stenvick Vice President of Business Development and Delivery at Acara Solutions and Shayna M. Bulluck Recruiting Programs Manager at Lattice!
  • Video Ryan Stenvick feature

    Ryan Stenvick - Employee Value Proposition

    Ryan Stenvick, VP Business Development & Delivery discusses the importance of an employee value proposition in attracting and retaining the talent that your organization is looking for.
  • Video Bill Inman Featured Photo   0923   v2

    Blockchain Technology with Bill Inman, SmartSearch

    Blockchain is a hot topic the world of talent acquisition. As the industry continues to expand, blockchain-related job posts have doubled in recent months. But what exactly is blockchain, and how can it help businesses optimize recruiting results?
  • Video Screen Shot 2021 07 07 at 9.04.20 AM

    About Our Contingent Staffing Solutions

    Your business needs could change at any moment—shouldn't your workforce be just as flexible? Find out how our contingent staffing solutions can help you find the right temporary employee for any position, so you can scale up or down with ease.
  • Video Ryan Stenvick

    All In at Acara with Ryan Stenvick

    Ryan Stenvick, VP of Business Development, West Region shares his thoughts on what it means to be a leader for Acara Solutions. Learn about the ways Ryan motivates his team through collaboration and promoting a winning culture in our first All In at Acara video!

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