• Featured Case Study

    Reducing Attrition Rates While Improving the Quality of Contingent Workforce

    A leading provider of commercial services to the life sciences industry, The Client sought to implement Acara's master vendor program to oversee its contingent labor needs. Since the program was launched in April 2020, our team has maintained a 91.03% recruited fill rate while servicing over 100 recruited openings.

  • Featured Case Study

    Streamlining Recruitment Operations for a Global Transportation and Defense Company

    A technology-driven market provider of mission-critical military, defense, and transportation systems, The Client has more than 6,000 employees across 19 different countries around the globe. In 2019, it recorded annual sales of nearly $1.5 billion.

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    Get Your Business Rolling

    With the economy beginning to turn around and businesses preparing to reopen, you may need to scale up your staff quickly to get your organization back on track. Acara’s Ready to Roll employer of record service can provide you the employees you need fast – enabling your company to get back to normal and cultivate long-term success.

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