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Contingent Labor: The Future of Work

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By Ryan Stenvick

Vice President of Business Development and Delivery, North America

Over the past several months, our patience and resolve have been tested like never before. Many have struggled to remain positive while doubt and uncertainty continue to overshadow our everyday lives. And as the second wave of the pandemic is officially upon us, it is evident that our nation will be again be challenged in the weeks ahead.

Tell Us About Your Contingent Staffing Needs

Yet despite the ongoing damages caused by COVID-19, I was surprised to learn that job candidates remain optimistic about the future of work. In a recent study conducted by the American Staffing Association, eight in 10 job candidates foresee working for a new company in the next 12 months. These job candidates have shown to be more open to contract labor and project-based work as a means of employment.

Whether this observation is intelligent or impractical remains up for debate, but one thing is clear: Job-seekers need to begin to temper their employment expectations accordingly. While an abundance of full-time job opportunities may not be available in the immediate future, workforce experts believe that companies will begin to adopt contingent labor and project-based work as labor demands begin to ramp up.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 80% of employers use contingent labor—and that number is only expected to grow in the years ahead. Job consultants, freelancers, and independent contractors can provide tremendous value to your organization while providing much-needed flexibility and versatility to handle pressing business needs. Organizations are discovering the cost-saving benefit of replacing full-time employees with contingent workers.

The Value of Recruitment Outsourcing

Regardless of whether you are seeking an extra set of hands to help with an urgent project or looking for an individual to remain on-site to complete a large-scale initiative, contingent workers can provide the ultimate solution. With a suitable approach to strategic planning, your contingent workforce will set your organization up for success in both the short- and long-term. And due to the pandemic, organizations may also experiment with contract workers in temporary stints before determining if they are willing to hire these resources in a full-time capacity.

As the pandemic remains a prevalent threat to our nation’s economic vitality and continues to hinder the strength of our labor market, loads of unpredictability lie ahead. If your organization is looking to supplement its workforce, give contingent labor a try. Not only will you boost your organization’s availability of talented resources, but you will also support qualified workers and their families during a time of heightened uncertainty. Contingent labor presents a rare “win-win” scenario for employers and employees alike, making it clear that contract workers represent a promising future of the workplace.

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