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Whether you're considering making the switch to a contingent workforce or need tips to manage your temporary employees, Acara's contingent staffing blog has all the insights and industry trends you need. Read articles from staffing experts and learn best practices for building an empowered temporary workforce.

Master Vendor

For human resources, talent acquisition, and indirect procurement professionals, managing the day-to-day operations of a robust contingent workforce program can be quite a chore. While many companies spend hundreds of hours sourcing and recruiting top talent, temporary labor programs also require a long list of onboarding/offboarding tasks, maintaining compliance, ensuring invoicing accuracy, and more.  Overseeing…

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A Master Vendor Program (MVP) and a Managed Services Program (MSP) are contingent workforce management programs with different approaches and objectives. An MVP focuses on consolidating your contingent workforce management through a single vendor, while an MSP aims to optimize workforce management across multiple vendors. The choice between these programs depends on your company’s specific…

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Contingent workforce

Economic forecasts show that the odds of a recession are 64 percent. However, this recession is expected to differ from the ones experienced in 2001 and 2008 in that it could be quieter, slower, and longer, making flexibility in talent strategy even more critical. Organizations in all industries are searching for ways to maximize their…

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Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing has historically been a widely utilized hiring solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Due to the current talent shortages throughout the United States, companies are having a difficult time finding workers to serve the needs of their businesses. Driven by a unique recruitment environment, the Great Resignation, and dramatic labor shifts, organizations are…

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High Volume Recruiting Tactics

High-Volume Recruiting Tactics

By Damian Scandiffio

Finding the right person for a role is not easy in an employer-driven market and much more challenging in the tight candidate-driven labor market we are currently experiencing. What happens when you need to fill hundreds or thousands of positions in a short period of time? High-volume recruitment—or mass hiring—is utilized when an organization must…

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For many organizations, the misalignment of talent and business strategies can be a significant hindrance to achieving workforce objectives. While some companies maintain an internal HR department dedicated to discovering qualified candidates, others cannot afford these talent acquisition resources. Rather than devoting superfluous amounts of time, money, and manpower to accomplishing these talent-related tasks, why…

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As advanced manufacturing has played a critical role in the economic vitality of our nation, talent acquisition strategies are top-of-mind for organizations when cultivating success and staying ahead of their competition. Many companies within this space are racing to transition to more advanced automation and energy-efficient technologies while incorporating sophisticated skillsets into each job description….

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Over the past several months, our patience and resolve have been tested like never before. Many have struggled to remain positive while doubt and uncertainty continue to overshadow our everyday lives. And as the second wave of the pandemic is officially upon us, it is evident that our nation will be again be challenged in…

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It’s no secret that contract labor has been thrust into the spotlight since the outbreak of COVID-19. Not only has the gig economy boomed, but talent flexibility has proven to be a “must-have” for many organizations around the world. The ability to ramp-up or pare-down the size of your workforce dependent on hiring ebbs and…

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Acara Manufacturing Jobs

By Nigel Hapurarachchi Earlier this month, I was pleased to join a panel of talent and recruitment professionals to speak at an event called “Building Skilled Talent” in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Alive with workshops, a trade show, and a panel discussion among industry leaders, the event spoke to the emerging talent needs of manufacturers in…

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