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Why Utilize Temporary Staffing Services?

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By Ryan Stenvick

Vice President of Business Development and Delivery, North America

Temporary staffing has historically been a widely utilized hiring solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Due to the current talent shortages throughout the United States, companies are having a difficult time finding workers to serve the needs of their businesses. Driven by a unique recruitment environment, the Great Resignation, and dramatic labor shifts, organizations are looking toward contingent workers as a way to help fill their talent gap. In fact, since pre-pandemic, companies have grown their contingent workforces by over 50 percent. Instead of relying solely on full-time employees, has your organization considered utilizing temporary workers to scale your workforce?

Here are six reasons why temporary staffing services are a viable solution for your recruiting needs.

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Temporary staffing is needed to address talent gaps

Remote work makes it easier for people to control when and where they do their jobs. The number of workers doing freelance, contract, or other independent work continues to rise making contingent work the norm rather than the exception. By loosening the constraints of existing talent silos and thinking about it holistically, organizations gain the ability to make resourcing decisions based on the task at hand and align the right talent—direct hire or contingent worker—to meet their organizational needs regardless of the resource type. Expanding your talent community—by engaging the largest pool of potential candidates possible—your organization increases the probability of procuring higher-quality talent on a consistent hiring basis.

Temporary staffing offers greater flexibility

For some businesses, hiring an abundance of full-time employees isn’t a practical option—especially if they only need these workers to complete one-time projects or assignments. What these companies really need are resources that can be engaged for a short time. Bringing on temporary workers is a strategy that comes with few strings attached—meaning you can end these resources’ assignments once your labor needs subside. Ultimately, temporary staffing services provide your business with a workforce that is both flexible and adaptable to your changing labor needs.

Temporary staffing is cost-effective

Outsourcing your hiring needs to a temporary staffing provider can offer significant cost benefits for your business. Without having to spend time on tedious recruiting tasks, your HR team can pursue more valuable business objectives. A temporary worker can also be less expensive than paying wages and benefits to a full-time worker. Plus, most temporary staffing partners offer free conversion fees after accruing a predetermined number of hours worked—allowing you to turn temporary resources into full-time employees at no charge.

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Temporary staffing offers an employee trial period

By leveraging temporary workers, you’ll be able to evaluate their skills and determine how well they mesh with your direct staff. If you’re satisfied with their performance, you can easily convert them—as mentioned in the previous paragraph—to become part of your direct staff.

Temporary staffing reduces administrative tasks

The administrative burdens of maintaining a robust workforce can be overwhelming. If your HR team is currently stretched thin, engaging with a temporary staffing partner can take some of these administrative tasks off their plates. Not only do temporary staffing providers find the talent you need, but they can also handle all onboarding and payrolling responsibilities.

Temporary staffing is customizable

Regardless of your company’s size and industry, you will have unique hiring needs specific to your business. By choosing the right temporary staffing provider, you’ll receive specialized talent acquisition services that are catered to your organization. Ultimately, your staffing partner will help you discover candidates that align with your business objectives and company culture.


Contingent workers are no longer utilized just to fill in for an absent employee or when an organization has a spike in business activity. If your business is struggling with the talent shortage and finding full-time employees or just looking for a more flexible workforce in today’s uncertain climate, it’s important to understand how temporary staffing services can help. To win the war for talent, organizations must embrace the contingent workforce to remain competitive and aligned for growth. No matter the roles you’re seeking, connecting with the right temporary staffing partner could be the answer to your talent challenges.

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