Master Vendor Programs


A sole source contingent workforce management solution.

Acara’s master vendor solutions deliver results, while giving back valuable time and resources to your internal human resources, talent acquisition, and indirect procurement teams. We’ll work with you to build a master vendor program (MVP), tailored to your organization’s needs, that enhances the quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness of your contingent labor program. And we can get started right away.

  • Make the most of your workforce

    Scalable staffing to support your changing workforce.

    Whether you’re staffing up to meet a big increase in demand, or in need of new resources to execute a large-scale project, contingent staffing can be an ideal solution to meet your workforce needs. But managing your contingent workers shouldn’t come at the expense of your internal teams’ time and resources. A master vendor program can ensure your contingent hires are working for you, just as intended, and not the other way around by using one sole supplier to mange your contingent staffing needs. When one master vendor manages all aspects of contingent staffing for your organization, the time-to-hire and back-and-forth with suppliers is reduced and cost savings increase. That’s a win-win!

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    Achieve efficiencies, and improve time management by regaining valuable time and resources.

    Are you just beginning to explore contingent staffing, or is your contingent workforce already in place? No matter how your internal HR team is structured, a master vendor program can help you get organized and operate more efficiently. Rather than overwhelming your internal resources with the many day-to-day tasks that come with managing your contingent workers and multiple vendors, leave all that to us. We’ll take on your workforce goals as our own and develop a program that meets those needs, while generating immediate savings to your bottom line.

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  • The Benefits to a Master Vendor Solution

    Overseeing contingent workforce initiatives can be incredibly time-consuming, forcing your internal resources to push other priorities to the backburner. A master vendor program, or MVP, is a way to both enhance your contingent workforce and give back time to your direct employees.

  • A master vendor program, or MVP, is a way to both enhance your contingent workforce and give back time to your direct employees.

Optimizing and modernizing your contingent workforce program.

Managing the day-to-day operations of a contingent workforce program can be a difficult undertaking. Companies routinely spend hundreds of hours sourcing and recruiting top talent, leaving little time for other important tasks, such as onboarding and offboarding new and outgoing hires, maintaining compliance, and ensuring invoicing accuracy, just to name a few. A master vendor program is an easy, cost-effective solution to take some of these responsibilities off your plate, allowing internal resources to focus on other obligations that keep your business running smoothly. With Acara, you can rest assured that your contingent workforce is in good hands—and that you have the talent you need to meet your goals, both short- and long-term.

  • Streamlined.

    A master vendor program will streamline and simplify your contingent workforce operations. Acara provides our clients with a single point of contact for all master vendor engagements, so you don’t have to expend valuable internal resources tracking down invoices or checking the status of onboarding paperwork.
  • Scalable.

    As your workforce needs evolve over time, so can our master vendor program. Our team can scale up and add additional resources to support any upticks in hiring. And, because our solutions are custom-built for each client, we can take care of any specific skills testing or onboarding procedures you need, now or in the future.
  • Cost-effective.

    The primary goal of any master vendor program is to maximize cost savings. By partnering with Acara, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive view of your contingent labor spend. From day one, we’ll be looking for ways to eliminate rogue spend and drive more competitive pricing on your behalf.
  • Data-driven.

    We know that reporting and analytics matter—and that leveraging data can help your organization operate more efficiently. By tracking and sharing key metrics from ATS and VMS systems, we can work together to improve the quality of your contingent workforce program and minimize waste.

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  • Acara Webinar - Optimizing Contingent Labor: The Benefits of a Master Vendor Program

    Led by Acara's MVP expert, Derrick Ryskamp, this session dives into the efficiencies of centralizing your contingent labor program, cost-saving strategies, and simplifying your hiring process. Whether you're in Procurement, HR, or Talent Acquisition, this recap offers valuable insights to enhance your workforce management. Watch now to unlock the secrets to streamlining operations, saving time, and boosting your recruitment metrics!

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