Hiring and Managing Gen Z in the Workplace: E-Book

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up entirely in the digital age. They’ve never known a world without smartphones, social media, and the internet. Socially aware and concerned about global issues like climate change, social justice, and inequality, Gen Z is one of the most diverse generations in terms of ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.

With more members of Gen Z entering the workforce each year, businesses are starting to notice a shift in what members of this age group want from their employers compared to previous generations.

Looking to hire and manage Gen Z employees successfully?

In this E-Book, Acara breaks down who Generation Z is, what they bring to the workforce, and some of the best actions companies can take to hire and retain top Gen Z talent. In this E-Book, find out:

  • Who is Generation Z?
  • Gen Z vs. Millennials vs. Gen X vs. Baby Boomers
  • How to adjust hiring and managing procedures for Gen Z
  • Benefits of having Gen Z in the workplace

Download the E-Book today to learn how to attract and retain Gen Zers.

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