Staying on Track During COVID-19: Tips & Best Practices for Recruiting During (and After) a Pandemic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in mid-March, our team of industry experts at Acara Solutions has been diligently tracking the latest labor market and workforce developments from around the country. In addition to keeping tabs on national unemployment numbers, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse of both the industries and specific companies that are looking to hire talent.

We compiled a list of advice from eight of Acara’s leaders on how organizations can impede disruption caused by the coronavirus. Beyond our creative tips and tricks for job seekers, our COVID-19 E-Book is jam-packed with valuable information to help recruiters, hiring managers, and senior-level executives enhance their effectiveness during the pandemic.

  1. Keep Your Recruitment Efforts on Track: Best Practices for Recruiting During a Pandemic
  2. Prepare Yourself to Attract Top Talent After COVID-19
  3. Conducting Performance Appraisals During COVID-19
  4. How COVID-19 Has Complicated Manufacturing Hirings
  5. Self-Care in Times of Distress
  6. Striking a Balance Between Leading and Micromanaging
  7. Online Interview Preparation: Virtual Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers to Ace Their Virtual Video Conferences

Advance Performance and Boost Your Business

As our world progresses toward the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, we hope you can utilize our advice to improve performance and maximize business outcomes despite the ongoing pandemic. To fast-track your return to normalcy, be sure to contact us at Acara to learn more about how our team can help augment your company’s bench of talent.

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