Customer Care & Administrative Support

Customer Care & Administrative Support

If you’re looking for ways to increase your organization’s profitability, your administrative and customer care support team is a good place to start. A highly trained service team projects a positive corporate image and helps attract and retain customers through brand loyalty. Bad customer service has 96 percent of customers taking their business to a competitor. Job candidates that can demonstrate clear communication skills, patience, and empathy are more likely to command the attention of hiring managers.

With over 60 years of talent acquisition experience, Acara is well-equipped to source and recruit customer care and administrative support candidates across an array of job disciplines. At Acara, we are committed to implementing innovative people strategies that deliver results and empower the workforce. Through our suite of contingent and direct hire placement services, we help our clients discover premier talent nationwide.

Is your organization prepared to win the race for top talent?

As senior leaders collectively prepare for the start of the new year, developing a well-designed talent approach will be critical in effectively sourcing, recruiting, and retaining these in-demand candidates. By leveraging our 2023 Customer Care & Administrative Support Salary Guide, your organization will be well-positioned to attract these qualified professionals with competitive salary rates in 2023 and beyond.


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All compensation figures within our enclosed salary guide were generated via Lightcast, a premier labor market data and analytics provider. Lightcast’s sophisticated software is underpinned by an array of verified public and government sources. The tool drives in-depth industry analysis by delivering accurate summaries of the labor and compensation market.

Anticipated Industry Trends

Our team of workforce experts predicts the following developments in 2023:

Expansion of contract labor

Since the start of the pandemic, organizations have come to terms with the importance of flexibility and its strong ties to business continuity. As long-term labor needs, future hiring swings, and talent shortages can be tough to predict, contingent workers provide the perfect solution to organizational hiring needs. These proven resources can tackle urgent projects or seasonal demand peaks on a temporary assignment. Using contract labor will ultimately prevent businesses from worrying about talent shortages in today’s uncertain climate.

Prevalence of remote and hybrid work models

ur nation has now experienced the benefits associated with remote work. Customer service and administrative support professionals have widely embraced the trend and it appears to be here to stay. For many candidates, flexible work options are a key differentiator among employers, and organizations that offer them will be more successful than their competitors in attracting and retaining talent.

Embracing Technology

Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and natural language understanding (NLU) to mimic human speech, chatbots offer three key components in customer value—24/7 access, information, and efficiency. By 2023, the adoption of chatbots in the retail, banking, and healthcare sectors is expected to save consumers and businesses over 2.5 billion customer service hours. Chatbots are not here to replace or undermine customer support agents. Organizations that effectively integrate the two will reap the benefits of improved productivity—customer support representatives will have more time to focus on complex issues that require a human touch.

Focusing on Sustainability

In the United States, sustainability is rated as an important purchase criterion by 61 percent of consumers. 34 percent of the population is willing to pay more for sustainable products, and organizations should prepare for sustainability to become the expectation and not the exception in the future. Customer care and administrative support workers are on the frontline and will have increased responsibility for communicating the company’s stainability practices and values to customers.

Supply Chain Issues

The customer care and administrative sectors are feeling the effects of shortages, increased product costs, and shipping delays. Problems with product and part availability will continue to generate customer inquiries and call volume spikes.

Job Outlook Growth 2021-2031

Average job growth for customer service occupations is -4% and -8% for administrative assistants. The positions with the highest projected growth in administrative support and customer care:

  • 7%

    Administrative services managers
  • 7%

    Facilities managers
  • 4%

    Public Safety Telecommunicators

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