Free Infographic: Rise of the Machines: How AI and Automation are Changing the Workplace

AI and Automation has Exponential Disruption Potential

Artificial intelligence and automation are already disrupting how we approach work, as well as the work available to us. These new technologies have far-reaching implications for businesses, employees, and the global economy overall. By 2030, an estimated 370 million jobs will be lost to AI and automaton. At the same time, entirely new jobs and occupations are being created to support increasing adoption of artificial intelligence. It is critical that companies take time to understand these technologies now, so they can use them in a way that maximizes productivity and generates cost savings. In the first of our content series on AI and automation, our infographic will help you understand the growing capabilities of AI and automation technologies, their impacts on the workforce, and how to integrate them into your business strategy in the years to come. In this infographic we will cover the following:  
  • Defining AI vs Automation
  • Growth Analysis
  • Occupations Rising and Declining
  • Top Use Cases for Businesses
  • Top Use Cases for HR and Talent Acquisition

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