Engineering & Technology Salary Guide

Engineering & Technology Salary Guide

In recent years, the demand for qualified engineering talent has soared. And due to rapid growth within the cleantech and renewable energy space, new roles in engineering and technology are emerging almost by the day.

With over 60 years of talent acquisition experience, Acara is well-equipped to source and recruit engineering and technology candidates for our clients. Our team of recruitment professionals is committed to implementing innovative people strategies that deliver results and empower the workforce. Through our suite of contingent and direct hire placement services, Acara prides itself on connecting premier talent with rewarding careers.

Is your organization prepared to win the race for top talent?

Our nation’s post-pandemic rebound will be extraordinary. As business needs begin to ramp up, companies will begin hiring at a feverish pace. Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates?

By leveraging our October 2021 Engineering & Technology Salary Guide, your organization will be well-positioned.


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All compensation figures within our enclosed salary guide have been generated via Emsi—a premier provider of labor market data and analytics. Emsi’s sophisticated software is underpinned by an array of verified public and government sources. The tool drives in-depth industry analysis by delivering accurate summaries of the labor and compensation market.


Anticipated Industry Trends

Our team of workforce experts predicts the following developments for 2021-22:


$1 trillion infrastructure package

Upon winning the Presidential election in November 2020, President Joe Biden vowed to invest significant resources that would rebuild of America’s infrastructure. The latest $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure package—which received bipartisan approval in early October—bodes well for the fate of public infrastructure and the future of engineers. The deal will include funding for roads, bridges, highways, green spaces, climate resilience, and broadband initiatives. The cultivation of new and exciting infrastructure projects will provide ample opportunities for engineers nationwide.


A concentration on climate change

As our nation’s weather patterns continue to change, so too must our plan to address these climate fluctuations. Engineers will play a critical role in more effectively designing cities and states to protect against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. A push towards innovative and sustainable infrastructure can help to assuage the damage caused by climate change. Engineers will be at the forefront of this push to help protect our communities and lessen the impact of inclement weather.


The arrival of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a pivotal part of the twenty-first-century, companies will continue to rely on AI tasks as part of their everyday business. With increased utilization comes increased demand, and the need for these AI professionals in engineering will only grow over the next several years. From contextual advertising and language translation to visual identification or perception, engineers will continue to propel this emerging discipline forward.


Autonomous driving technologies

More and more vehicles are becoming equipped with semi-autonomous driving capabilities. And as the likes of Tesla, Google, and other global players taking the lead in the self-driving car market, the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) represents a huge undertaking for science—and for all of mankind. Although self-driving cars are still in an embryonic stage and not quite ready to hit the open road, engineers will continue to play a crucial role in driving this technology forward.


Improving the user experience

The advent of new technologies has helped companies modernize how to optimize their user experience (UX). As the consumer market has become heavily focused on fostering an exceptional customer experience, UX engineers will remain highly sought after in the employment market. Because all elements of user research, concept design, prototyping, and implementation are handled by UX engineers, these professionals can find their niche in just about any industry.

Job Outlook Growth 2019-2029

Average job growth for all occupations is 4%. The positions with the highest projected growth in engineering are (data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

  • 22%

    Software developers & engineers
  • 10%

    Industrial engineers
  • 5%

    Electrical engineers

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