Employer Branding

Build a winning employer brand.

  • Tell your story — the engaging way.

    An employer brand position articulates why it is superior to other organizations in the marketplace. Ideally, this position is grounded in insight about the goals and perceptions of a targeted group of job candidates. The result is a shared vision for the brand throughout the organization, helping to guide tactical thought. The target job candidate will see the end result of the positioning statement—the content, communication, and channels for distribution.

  • Candidates do their homework. You should too.

    At Acara, we believe employer branding is all about featuring a work environment and culture, and to build a strategy around promoting your organization’s missions and mantras through the value of your own people. It’s using authentic, everyday things to visually rich stories in vibrant designs and imagery.

Don’t worry about the content, we’ve got you covered.

Once content is developed, it’s distributed on a variety of platforms that are in alignment with your company’s desired employer branding position. Specifically, content is distributed through your company website’s blog or talent brand site; through social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; via email marketing to potential candidates and recruits; and internally on your company’s intranet to promote your talent brand inside your organization.

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