Employer Branding

Build a winning employer brand.

  • Tell your story.

    No one knows your story better than you, but do you have what it takes to put it on paper? We'll work with you to develop a thoughtful employer brand position that clearly articulates your mission and differentiates you from your competition. With a fresh perspective on your presence in the marketplace, we'll share your story with the world, capturing your company culture, celebrating your employees, and attracting ideal job candidates.

  • Hit your mark.

    At Acara, we believe employer branding is all about hitting your mark. It's about connecting the best parts of your workplace culture with the needs and interests of your target candidates. From there, you need to build a strategy around promoting your organization’s mission and mantra through the lens of your own people. Our approach to employer branding? Tell authentic stories that resonate with your target candidate in a meaningful way.

Need content? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Consult with your team
  • Discuss and collect existing content
  • Identify compelling elements of your story
  • Write fresh copy that accurately portrays your story (via blogs, web pages, careers sites)
  • Share your story on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Create an email marketing campaign targeting potential candidates and recruits
  • Promote your employer brand internally on your company’s intranet

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