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  • Acara has been the premier provider of workforce solutions in San Jose for nearly 60 years. As a result, we’ve built strong partnerships with major companies and job applicants in the city and surrounding areas. Made up of major industry sectors like manufacturing, technology and science, and home to Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, Google and Apple, San Jose continues to attract the world’s most qualified applicants and leading companies.

    At Acara, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality in our service to clients. Our recruitment specialists seek to fully understand your needs and goals to source top talent that will do more than just get the job done.

We’re more than just a staffing agency - our recruitment solutions are tailor-made to your business.

  • Find Qualified Employees In San Jose, CA

    There are a multitude of qualified candidates looking for jobs in San Jose every day - how do you find those that are best suited for your open position? With Acara as your partner, you can leave this task to us. We have access to a large pool of qualified talent that allows us to quickly source vetted candidates for any contingent, direct, or executive positions you’re hiring for. From sifting through thousands of resumes to on-boarding, we’ll provide the gamut of recruiting services from start to finish.

  • Job Opportunities In San Jose, California

    San Jose is not only home to reputable businesses, there are also some powerhouse universities located in the area, like Stanford, Berkeley and the University of California. Whether you’re among the fierce competition of those who graduated from these institutions, or are vying for a job at one of them, our recruiters can help you put your best foot forward. Allow us to help you curate the perfect resume and cover letter that showcases your skills and set up an interview for your ideal position. Schedule an appointment at our San Jose office or check out open positions to get started.

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