Flexible services give you the freedom
to scale up or down quickly.

  • Rise with the times.

    In the modern economy, temporary workers, freelancers, independent contractors, part-timers, and other non-full-time employees are becoming a more prevalent part of the workforce. As such, they are becoming harder to keep tabs on.

    Yes, contingent workers allow you to respond to fluctuating production demands and stay competitive—but are you prepared to manage the administrative burdens that come with them? If you need a hand with clerical work, our payrolling services will lighten the load.

  • Let us deal with the data.

    There's nothing quite like an extra set of hands. How about a dozen? Our expert team of payrolling professionals will navigate the paper trail along the talent landscape, finding invaluable shortcuts along the way.

    As the employer of record for your indirect hires, we assume all employee classification responsibilities, absorb all relationship management and clerical duties, and protect you from sensitive co-employment issues. And we do it all at a competitive rate that saves you money.

  • More time.

    Let go of day-to-day onboarding and offboarding tasks. Instead, spend more time on other areas of need.
  • Fewer tasks.

    Let us take on the burden of engaging, hiring, and onboarding new members of your contingent workforce.
  • Flexibility.

    Want to promote a part-timer to your full-time staff? We'll convert an employee from our payroll to yours at no cost to you.
  • Cost savings.

    Take advantage of competitive rates, eliminate conversion fees, and spend more time on proactively serving your bottom line.

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