The Bright Forum

Superior is a proud Growth-Stage Sponsor for the Bright Forum, the signature event from Bright Buffalo Niagara, which takes place on June 9, 2011.

Bright Buffalo Niagara is focused on early-stage investors and angels. Goals include not only showcasing great opportunities through company investor presentations across the life sciences, energy, IT and advanced manufacturing sectors, but also spurring discussions regarding co-investing and building the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the region.

The Forum represents a unique opportunity for both investors and entrepreneurs—over 27 companies will present one or ten-minute pitches, and over 50 companies seeking investment will be in attendance.

1-Minute Presenters

  • Adapt Courseware
  • CH3 BioSystems
  • CloudBack
  • R3 Fusion
  • Ladybug Teknologies
  • Isolation Sciences
  • OnCore Gold Technology
  • ENrG
  • Haledyne
  • TRUENORTH Avionics
  • InfoPreserve
  • Solar Sentry
  • TimberFish Technologies
  • We Language International

10-Minute Presenters

  • ADispell
  • C Cubed I
  • Graphene Devices
  • LifeCell DX
  • MicroGen Systems
  • OyaGen
  • Sweetwater Energy
  • TopDown Conservation
  • Viafoura
  • CureFAKtor Pharmaceuticals
  • FlouroLogic
  • REfficient