All In Lanee

All-In Acara: Lanee Davis

Her commitment to her colleagues, candidates, and clients has undoubtedly made Recruitment Specialist Lanee’ Davis successful at Acara. Lanee’s ability to foster strong relationships has helped her source and attract top talent for her clients and assist candidates in furthering their careers.

In the latest edition of our “All in at Acara” series, learn how Lanee’ plays a crucial role in connecting candidates with clients while keeping current on the ever-changing trends within the talent acquisition industry.

Getting her start

I grew up in the South Bay, LA-Metro, just outside Torrance, California. I attended Cerritos College and the University of La Verne and worked as a paralegal for a non-profit, assisting victims of domestic violence. My previous work experience includes customer service roles in the hazard insurance, health care, and employee benefits industries. In 2014, I joined the human resources department at a marketing agency in an onboarding customer service role before transitioning to a Talent Acquisition (TA) Coordinator position. When I was ready for a new challenge, I joined an organization in the field service management industry and was responsible for recruiting independent service technicians to build a network of maintenance specialists who would service out-of-warranty items for major appliance manufacturers. My efforts were primarily focused on sourcing and attracting technicians in remote locations.

Journey to Acara

I work as a Recruitment Specialist and am responsible for sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates to support our clients. In simple terms, I help our candidates reach the “finish line” of the hiring process while ensuring that they have the skill set required to meet the needs of our clients. I consider myself a “people person,” so I enjoy advocating for my candidates and clients and helping them connect and align with each other’s values and goals. There are always opportunities to develop rapport and foster long-lasting relationships that may cultivate future business and partnerships.

Navigating challenges

Finding a candidate that aligns with each client position can sometimes be challenging, especially in the current labor market. I often educate clients on the value of modifying some of their must-have and nice-to-have requirements for a specific role to ensure they secure a high-quality worker. To that same end, keeping candidates engaged so they do not “ghost” or become unresponsive can also be challenging. Ultimately, I want my client and my job seeker to know that I am advocating for them and to be happy with their experience with Acara, as both are equally important to me.

Future of the industry

Ten years from now, I see the industry becoming more competitive. New social media trends offer unique hiring avenues for job seekers and organizations looking to fill roles. I have already noticed that clients are becoming more accommodating due to the many open opportunities, with high compensation rates, available to candidates. Moreover, I also predict our clients will present more remote and flexible roles, as these positions can save companies a lot of unnecessary expenses in the long run.

The Acara experience

Acara has helped me grow and develop as a Recruitment Specialist. My colleagues encourage me to be accountable, principled, and engaged. The supportive nature of our team makes coming to work each day enjoyable. We trust and support each other to create a cohesive and successful unit.