Cameron Beer All In

All-In At Acara: Cameron Beer

In the latest edition of our “All in at Acara” series, Cameron Beer shares what brought him to Acara and the most interesting part of his job as Vice President of Delivery. From growing up on a corn and pig farm in rural Indiana, to working in auto race marketing, Cam’s path to Acara was anything but straightforward. But 12 years later, Cam’s focus on relationship-building and commitment to collaboration have made him a tremendous part of the team.

Journey to Acara

I’m originally from a small town called Milford in Northern Indiana, where I grew up on a corn and pig farm. I went to Ball State University and majored in Sports Communication/Management with a minor in marketing and management.

With my degree, I delved into marketing within auto racing, traveling extensively for 3 to 4 years. As the constant travel took its toll and my desire to start a family grew, I sought a role with fewer travel demands. A sports apparel company in Indianapolis had an opening in staffing events and corporate recruiting, and I spent two fulfilling years there.

A turning point came when I received a call from a corporate recruiter at Acara. I took the leap and joined the team as a recruiter in the Indianapolis branch. I moved up the ranks to senior recruiter, then Midwest recruitment manager, and eventually director of key accounts. Ultimately, I was promoted to the role of Vice President of Delivery. Now, 12 years later, I’m still here, having found a rewarding career with the organization.

Delivering for Our Clients

In my current role, I’m responsible for securing optimal and on-time delivery for Acara’s key accounts. I collaborate with customers, recruitment managers, and the support team daily to ensure we’re meeting client needs. Additionally, I work closely with executive leadership to strategically chart a positive path forward for the organization.

One of the most interesting parts of my job is having the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse range of people, who all bring unique approaches and experiences to the table.

Industry Changes and Challenges

This industry can be demanding, but I’m thrilled by the diversity in our projects and the range of industries we engage with. Working alongside a mix of internal and external professionals each day adds an extra layer of excitement.

During my time in the industry, the essence of staffing relationships has remained the same, but there has been a shift in how we cultivate them. The use of various communication tools has evolved, impacting the way we build connections. Additionally, the remote work dynamic has become a more significant factor in recent years.

The intriguing shift will come with the integration of AI into recruitment and sales. I believe it will bring advantages to certain aspects of our business but may also render some roles obsolete.

Life Outside of Acara

Beyond the office, my family keeps me quite occupied. My mornings are typically spent preparing my children and myself for the day ahead.

I’m dedicated to maintaining a regular fitness routine and enjoy participating in and watching various sports. My passion for sports also inspired me to take on the goal of visiting every Major League Baseball Park. Next on the list are the NFL stadiums, followed by the NBA arenas. Once that’s completed, I would like to explore some renowned international venues, including the Olympics and the World Cup.