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All-In at Acara: Derrick Ryskamp’s Difference-Making Mentality

When it comes to staffing and recruiting, Derrick Ryskamp is no “new kid on the block.” Since joining our team at Acara, he has quickly become one of our company’s top performers in his role as Director of Enterprise Sales. The key to his success? Generating personal relationships with clients. In the latest edition of our “All-In at Acara” series, Derrick discusses his experience within the talent acquisition industry and how a client-first commitment has helped to elevate his career to new heights.

Beginnings in the staffing industry

Fresh out of college, I accepted my first full-time position at a local Michigan staffing firm. This role was incredibly valuable for my professional growth, as I learned a great deal about the industry. One company I was assigned to support was Borders Group (remember the  Bookstore?). The company was trying to emerge with its own digital online retail store in an effort to stay alive and compete against the likes of Amazon. My team and I helped Borders in recruiting and assembling talent in the digital and IT space. This was a great start to my career—an opportunity that helped me to understand how to foster meaningful client relationships.

Time for a transition

My wife and I were both born and raised in western Michigan, and the two of us lived in the Great Lake State for over 30 years. Eventually, we grew sick and tired of the cold weather and decided that we were ready for some warmer weather. We put our house up for sale and moved our family down to Texas. We’ve been living comfortably in a fast-growing suburb of north Dallas for over six years now and haven’t looked back. The move also allowed me to rebuild my network and recreate my brand in a new market. I’ve loved the opportunity to form a fresh set of connections and reestablish my professional network.

Following the leader

My family and I had been settled in Texas for a few years before I began exploring the possibility of taking a job with a new company. My previous boss at my former employer, Jim Nichiporuk, had accepted a position with Acara Solutions, and I followed suit a few months later. Jim is—hands down—the greatest leader that I’ve ever worked for. His vision, expertise, and enthusiasm for our industry are second to none. I took some time to learn more about Acara and its nationwide footprint, which immediately appealed to me. It didn’t take me long to realize that the company had a proven track record and a storied history within the talent acquisition space—especially when working with clients in the aerospace and defense, semiconductor, and medical device industries. I knew that Acara’s rich history of success would be crucial to generating sales leads and fostering strategic relationships with clients. It didn’t take much further thought to convince me that Acara was meant to be my new home.

A commitment to his clients

Throughout my career, I’ve always prided myself on building personal relationships with my clients. I tend to take a different approach than most salespeople: rather than looking for a quick sale, I’m always intent on cultivating a long-term connection with any prospective client. My goal is to figure out how I can help them achieve their business goals, whether it be through helping them utilize a new recruitment model, analyze market wage rates, or guide them in remaining competitive in the talent landscape. Utilizing a “serve first” method helps me to better understand how I can generate value-driven solutions to answer my clients’ workforce needs. I truly have a heart that is meant to serve, and I am driven to help my clients with both personal and professional matters. My years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry have taught me that prospective clients are more inclined to do business with me if they feel that they can easily connect with me. That’s why I’ll always go above and beyond to support my customers.

Acara’s value proposition

A lot of companies fail to understand the value of having a total talent management partner that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Our Acara team is committed to customizing a comprehensive recruitment plan for our customers, one that centralizes all invoicing, recruiting, and communications processes to drive performance enhancements and optimal cost savings. In today’s economic climate, streamlining these many aspects of your business has proven to be more important than ever before.

His advice to young professionals

Early on in my career, I learned that working in recruiting can sometimes be similar to riding an emotional rollercoaster. Our business is one that can be wildly unpredictable—simply because we’re tasked with dealing exclusively with people. We’re not selling widgets or gadgets—we’re in the people business. And we all know that people often make mistakes and do some pretty foolish things. My advice to young professionals in the talent acquisition industry? Don’t get frustrated by the day-to-day ups and downs of our business. Success in recruiting will almost always come in waves, so if you stay the course, good things will happen.

Setting the example

A lot of what I have accomplished in my career wouldn’t have been possible without the motivation that I get from my children. I’m driven to provide a comfortable life for my kids and grant them opportunities that I never had as a child. All three of my kids are high-achievers and shoot for the stars in all that they do. My goal is to continue to help them stay committed to their studies while honing their relationship-building skills. My work has helped me to show my kids just how important maintaining personal friendships really is. Ultimately, by laying the proper foundation in their younger years, they’ll be set up for success for years and years to come.

To learn more about Derrick and his experience within our industry, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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