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All-In at Acara: Ryan Stenvick

Since joining Acara as a Corporate Recruiter almost 18 years ago, Ryan has been a guiding force behind his team’s and our company’s growth. His keen sense of the workforce solutions industry has helped him identify opportunities for improvement and solutions to increase Acara’s industry presence and ensure his clients’ long-term success.

In the latest edition of our  “All In at Acara” series, meet Ryan Stenvick, Vice President of National Business Development and Delivery. Ryan’s lengthy industry experience and expertise are crucial in aligning our clients with the right talent to meet their business and growth objectives.

An early start in the industry

I was born in Sacramento, California, but moved to Pacific Grove when I was 12. My early job experiences as a teenager and throughout college included working in the restaurant industry and the university housing office. Both jobs taught me how to work with a variety of different people, manage my time effectively, and communicate with the public. I attended California Polytechnic State University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources and Management.

As a recent college graduate, I was offered and accepted a position with a semiconductor original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as a Human Resources Generalist with a primary focus on recruitment. After my first year with the company, I moved to Buffalo, New York, where I worked predominantly from home and occasionally traveled to different East Coast offices when needed. My two-and-a-half years with the organization taught me how to recruit and about the industry as a whole. I experienced firsthand how a corporate HR department runs and interacts with the business.

Eventually, I found myself looking for a new challenge while utilizing my talent acquisition experience. I replied to an ad from Aleron showcasing an opening for a unique opportunity, Corporate Recruiter. Aleron had not had a Corporate Recruiter previously. Before this position, each branch and regional Vice President was responsible for their hiring. This position would allow me to map out the new role and build relationships with the company’s executive leadership. My meetings with organizational leaders—most still with the company today, including Scott Stenclik, Lynne Marie Finn, Brian Christel, Tony Dvorak, and Cam Moeser—ultimately sold me on the opportunity.

Current Acara role

I serve as the Vice President of National Business Development and Delivery, leading a team of Sales Directors and guiding Acara’s retail sales strategy. The day-to-day of this role includes working internally with my team and other business leaders to drive our organization forward and navigate challenges. I also work closely with current and prospective clients in various industries to provide them with the best talent solutions. I always try to be an active listener as well as personable and patient when meeting with my team, clients, and candidates.

Navigating an unpredictable industry

The talent acquisition industry and the world have experienced significant social and economic changes over the past three plus years. Consequently, navigating the unpredictable economy, our candidates’ and clients’ buying cycles have proven challenging. The pandemic slowed our business to a halt overnight, and the resulting hiring boom catapulted us forward at a pace I have never seen before. This change has put the candidate in the “driver’s seat,” meaning that their expectations about their work schedules, flexibility, and job duties have changed dramatically. We have seen the pendulum swing back toward ‘normal’ in the past six months. However, it’s still very much a candidate market.

If I had to describe Acara in one word, it would be dedicated. Our corporate culture is one of dedication, support, and continuous improvement. I feel that Acara has done a great job at educating ourselves on the latest trends and then sharing that information and knowledge with our clients and the greater public for the benefit of all. We accomplish this through our content—newsletter, blogs, and informative emails—and by communicating effectively with our clients. We have also invested in industry-leading tools that help our recruitment teams quickly identify active and passive talent.

Looking ahead in the talent acquisition world

My crystal ball is broken! Of course, I cannot say for sure what I think the industry’s future holds. It will be interesting to see how artificial intelligence (AI) changes the industry. I know it will have an impact— it already has—but I don’t think it will eliminate the need for staffing partners. If anything, introducing AI will increase our clients’ need for outside recruitment and screening support. This will make it essential for a qualified recruiter to thoroughly vet candidates and confirm that the experience on their resume is factual. As for my position, I don’t anticipate it changing too much. I have worn many hats at Acara, but generally speaking, my role for the past eighteen years has always been working with our clients and internal teams to support our mission to help people and businesses thrive.

Life outside of Acara

Each morning before work, I try to exercise and then scrabble to get myself and our kids ready for the day—they keep me and my wife constantly busy. We are quite an active family and love spending time outdoors. On weekends, you can often find us hiking or attending sporting events at a ball field or track. I also love to travel. Much of my traveling includes venturing to new outdoor destinations, visiting family, or attending music festivals. The next destination on my travel bucket list is backpacking in Yosemite National Park. Over time, I hope to see all of the national parks and take in their unique beauty.