5 Recruiter Tips for Your 2018 Job Hunt

Want a new job? Position for success.

Alison Lewis, a Recruitment Specialist out of our Buffalo branch, shares her tips on how to position yourself for success if you are hoping to land a new job in 2018.

The third month of 2018 has begun—that makes it a great time to check your progress against your 2018 resolutions and goals! Is one of your goals landing a new position? If so, make sure that you do everything you can to cast yourself and your credentials in a positive light.

That means staying away from the following:

Rude and Negative Behavior – How you behave at social events or over the phone reflects on you. You alone control your behavior and reactions, and there is always a chance you may interact again with a specific person. How you treat a recruiter is how you will be imagined interacting with teammates. If you treat the person who has power to get you in front of an employer poorly, a recruiter will question how you would treat coworkers or a manager.

Beware of gossip.  It is negative behavior!  Good rule of thumb: someone quick to lend a listening ear is also often a running mouth.

Outdated Skills and Materials – When actively seeking a job, prepare by reading articles, practicing interview questions/answers, researching companies, attending networking events, providing correct contact information, and updating your resume. It confuses a recruiter when people submit an out-of-date resume or provide incorrect information. If you describe yourself as detail-oriented, reliable, and successful, be sure that your resume and cover letter reinforce that.

Passivity – Growth opportunities are born of hard work, productivity, results, and a positive reputation. Answering questions without specifics or descriptive examples will not help a recruiter or interviewer understand how you will perform in a position or contribute to a company.

Also, be precise and know what you want. Applying for a job is a big deal and a reflection of yourself. Do not apply to every job under the sun—that makes it difficult for a recruiter or employer to take you seriously.

Ghosting – This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised. When a potential employer reaches out to you, respond. When you set up an interview, show up. Recruiters know other recruiters; don’t get yourself blacklisted.

Full Voicemail – It is amazing how many people who apply for positions don’t set up voicemails or have mailboxes that are always full. How will a recruiter feel comfortable believing that you are detail-oriented and organized if you cannot maintain your voicemails? Also, your voicemail greeting—just like your email address—should be simple, identifiable, and professional.

The future of your career is in your hands.  Be mindful about always representing yourself as a detail-oriented, courteous, and conscientious candidate, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving those 2018 goals.