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4 Tips for How to Hire Top Talent

In the recruitment world, accessing talent and building a better workforce is the name of the game. As it happens, it’s also the name of Acara’s latest white paper. How can you attract top talent? How can you build a better workforce? The answers start with your Human Resources Department, but they don’t stop there. Staffing agencies like ours are here to help. With that, here are four tips for hiring top talent.

  1. Adapt from the top down.
    The workforce is evolving, and so should your leadership. When CEOs, COOs, and CHROs realize that their organization loses $14,000 for every job that remains open for three months, they’ll begin to explore staffing solutions that make a difference.
  2. Engage a strategic partner.
    Forty-nine percent of best-in-class companies use external staffing partners to recruit top talent. And as recruiting trends point to a shift in the workforce, it takes the average HR department too long to source candidates. Engaging a strategic partner boosts productivity and savings.
  3. Strengthen your brand.
    Weirdly, there’s more to the internet than rating dogs and reading the president’s tweets. For instance, best-in-class companies are 40 percent more likely than all others to invest in social media and social tools to strengthen their employer brand with a wide audience. Company culture is critical, and sharing your story with the world will help you stand out to job candidates.
  4. Get an edge on staffing.
    Did you know that roughly one in three HR professionals is struggling to meet goals for company growth? Professional recruiters employ advanced search capabilities to access better talent for faster onboarding. Whether it’s scaling up for projects or engaging a top-flight direct hire, a staffing partner can provide specialized services that bring more qualified candidates to the table.

This is just a small preview of steps you can take to hire top talent. For the full-on, no-holds-barred, complete collection of facts and figures about building your workforce, check out our latest white paper: Accessing Talent and Building Better Workforces.

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