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5 Ways to Become an Employer of Choice

By now, most of us know that the gig economy is in full force, and that means employers must accommodate new behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. The all-too-common “side hustle” is shuffling its way to the center of the mainstream American workforce—but are employers prepared to support these gig workers?

In our latest white paper, we’re exploring how a company can become an employer of choice in the gig economy. Here’s a peek at five different ways to do it:

1. Go with the flow.
Like it or not, new behaviors and attitudes about work are prompting employees to seriously rethink their relationships with employers. What do workers want most from employers? Autonomy. To attract the new wave of gig workers, employers should acquiesce to their needs. Here’s how:

  • Enhance their brand
  • Source, screen, and onboard quickly
  • Gain access to large pools of talent
  • Read the white paper for more!

2. Get a grip on the gig economy.
Do you know what percentage of the workforce is made up of freelancers and independent contractors? Or how many workers say they’ve thought about quitting their job to pursue a project of their own? Some researchers project that half of the U.S. working population will move into the gig economy within the next five years.

3. Retain top talent.
Securing talent is one thing; retaining it is quite another—especially when it comes to a younger workforce. Find out what millennials and Gen Z, or “plurals,” are thinking about their career paths. “Workers want to feel heard and validated,” says John Morgan, Acara’s regional director of recruitment. Learn more about what younger workers really want in the white paper.

4. Get real. Keep it fresh.
What are five ways to modernize the workplace? Statistics suggest that the new wave of workers wants the following in their employers:

  • Open communication
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Intentional workspaces
  • Real-time feedback

How can you give your employees what they’re looking for? We’ve got some suggestions for you in—you guessed it—our latest white paper.

5. Care about something more than your bottom line.
The modern-day worker is looking for an employer that strives to do good and do well at the same time. That means employees appreciate working for an organization that puts a premium on social responsibility. Workers need to see the big picture, and company leadership must provide them with the opportunity to do so. Increased transparency also helps employees feel more connected, especially when 87% of employees worldwide still report not feeling engaged at work.

Download the white paper!

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