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Advice to Keep Your Recruitment Efforts on Track

We know that recruiting is experiencing some disruption during this difficult situation. Certain sectors are undoubtedly going through tough times. However, other industries are going through hiring increases, and recruitment has remained active, if not increased.

If you’re in recruiting, it’s still important to utilize best practices to secure top talent for your company or client – especially if you’re recruiting candidates for some of the critical industries helping us get through this difficult situation. To help you keep your recruiting efforts on track, we sat down Kim Schultz, Senior Talent Specialist at Acara Solutions, to talk about her recruitment experience and what recruiters should do to secure premier job candidates.

  1. What are some good questions to ask job candidates right off the bat, and what do you like to hear from them?

When I first speak with job candidates, which is usually over the phone, I typically ask, “Why do you want to work here?” The best answers are always thoughtful, articulate, and to the point. I am listening for some sort of explanation as to how the person found the job, why they want to leave their current job, and what they’re looking to achieve at their new company. They should be optimistic and aspirational.

In other words, the best response to this question would be something like, “When I discovered the job opportunity on your LinkedIn page, I was excited to see that you’re looking for someone with leadership experience. In my current position, I am leading a team of four people, but my title and salary does not reflect that. My goal is to take the next step in my career at an employer who values my leadership, skill set, and talent. Ultimately, I want to work at your company because I have seen that others are experiencing the sort of growth opportunities I am looking for.”

  1. How do you keep job candidates engaged throughout the recruiting process?

Sometimes the recruiting process can take weeks, which might as well be a lifetime for job seekers. That said, it doesn’t really matter if a person is looking to start a new job right away or if they want to wait. Keeping them engaged in the position is always critical.

To keep candidates engaged, I respond as quickly and as often as possible. This shows my candidate that I am committed to their success. If I really like a candidate, I will invite them to text me whenever they have a question or comment. Our mobile devices are always with us, so that’s usually the best and quickest tool to engage job candidates.

  1. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in an interview?

In my five years as a recruiter, I’ve certainly had some interesting encounters. I remember when I was interviewing an individual for a high-level leadership position, and when I went to the waiting room to greet him five minutes before our meeting, he was eating a full sandwich and chips. He had crumbs and mustard on his shirt when I went to shake his hand. Not the best first impression. But, it taught me that you always have to be clear with candidates about what to expect from the interview experience. Let them know if it’s a casual or formal conversation, inform them of the attire that is expected, and – if you have to – let them know if it’s going to be a lunch meeting.

Recruiting qualified employees is always important. For certain companies, finding, hiring and retaining highly talented workers has never been more crucial. We hope these tips and tricks will help you recruit the employees you need to grow and succeed.

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