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Clearing the Air: The Truth About Staffing

Jason Hatch, an Account Executive in our Minnesota office, clarifies the value of the staffing industry.

Consider these occupations: used car salesman, contractor, and recruiting/staffing professional. For some reason, these occupations have acquired a bad rap—mostly due to the actions of a few bad apples. I have worked in two of these three jobs, and am writing to clear the air for those who view calls from staffing professionals as a nuisance rather than a potential partnership.

When I began in staffing, I composed my elevator pitch. These pitches succinctly explain what an organization does, and how it benefits current and potential clients. Although I like to think I’ve crafted it in a way that is both informative and impactful, it appears many people hold a prejudiced view of “staffing agencies,” and at times it feels as though we are looked down upon. I’d like to set the record straight on what I do, why I love it, and why it’s worth your time to meet with a few staffing companies.

I am a professional relationship builder and problem solver. I learn about the needs and challenges of an organization and work together with them to attract talent and develop a partnership based on trust, transparency, and communication. With unemployment currently low, (hovering around 3% in Minnesota), the top talent is most likely already employed. Companies now must invest in recruiting tools and technology, or develop a partnership with a team that possesses and uses those tools daily. Enter a staffing professional.

As with any decision, it’s a good idea to compare agencies to see who best suits your needs, wants, and budget. Not only can a talent management company aid with traditional staffing, we help with risk mitigation, sourcing solutions, executive searches, and more. “Temps” are only a small part of what we do, therefore the term “temp agency” doesn’t apply.

My company’s philosophy states that we connect people and business in ways that change lives. I approach each day with this mantra as my guide. The excitement in someone’s voice when they accept an offer, the sense of relief clients feel when we discover much-needed talent, and the relationships I have built with my team and customers/partners are only a few things that make me love coming to work every day.

Before you roll your eyes, hang up, or refer to me as a headhunter, instead consider what constitutes our goals for a partnership. There’s a very strong chance we can help you or someone you know to achieve goals and increase productivity.