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HR Department Guides: The Complete Collection

Back in August, we collaborated with our business development team out West to compile a series of guides for in-house HR Departments. Our goal? Deliver in-house tools and resources for contingent workforce management from onboarding to offboarding.

With input from our team of talent acquisition experts, we assembled this series for you, the HR professional, to create the best experience for you and your employees. We hope you’ll make use of this content as you like it and reach out if you ever need a hand from Acara Solutions.

Each guide includes:

  • In-house necessities
  • Proven tools and methodologies
  • Tech needs
  • Useful resources
  • Keys to success
  • How a trusted partner can help
  • Thoughts from a seasoned vet


HR Guide to Onboarding by Christine Baghjian


HR Guide to Day-to-Day Operations by Gina Milonas


HR Guide to Compliance by Josh Coquillard


HR Guide to Program Management by Damian Scandiffio


HR Guide to Reporting by Ryan Stenvick


HR Guide to Offboarding by Melvin Lovelace


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