4 Tips to Secure Top Talent

Talent Acquisition: 4 Tips to Secure Top Talent

Acara Senior VP Chris Beckage was recently published in “Supply & Demand Chain Executive,” an industry-leading magazine that covers procurement, risk, and IoT solutions. In his article, “4 Ways to Shorten Your Hiring Cycle and Secure Top Talent,” Chris explains how talent acquisition and recruitment firms can expedite their processes without sacrificing quality hires.

What are some tips to consider when recruiting top talent? Here’s a quick recap.

  1. When you find “the one,” seal the deal ASAP.
    When it comes to job recruitment, it’s a buyer’s market. That means quality job candidates can probably pick and choose their next employer. If you like what you see, make your move. Need more time? Chris says, “Continue communicating with the candidate so they know where they stand.”
  2. Use technology to your advantage.
    How can you put a personal touch on the hiring process when your recruit is miles away? Teleconferencing, for example, is a more personable approach to the interview process than a standard phone call. And when it comes to onboarding, automating processes online “can improve the candidate experience and give back bandwidth to internal resources.”
  3. Conduct panel style interviews.
    Save everyone the time and stress of multiple job interviews. Instead, get everyone together for one panel-style interview. You won’t just save time; you’ll get a better perspective of the candidate. Chris says, “A colleague might pick up on something that others didn’t or ask a telling question that you previously hadn’t thought to.”
  4. Communicate internally.
    When internal stakeholders fail to communicate, the hiring lifecycle loses its groove. How can you make sure everyone is on the same page about a candidate? “Put processes in place to ensure key team members are sharing their feedback on candidates in a timely manner.”

For more thorough explanations from Chris, check out his article. And for other talent acquisition and recruitment tips, stay tuned to Acara Solutions on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.