The Top 10 HR and Recruiting Blogs You Need to Follow

10 Recruiting and HR Resources You Should Be Reading in 2021

Are you an HR or recruiting leader seeking to improve your knowledge of the industry? While there are dozens of resources available on the internet today, our team at Acara narrowed our focus to the best-of-the-best sources of content. Here are some of the top HR blogs and recruiting resources that we’ve bookmarked in 2021.

1. ERE

With roots as a platform for recruiters to connect and share information, ERE has become one of the best sites to keep up on trends and insights from other recruiters in the industry. Not only is it a great peer-to-peer site, but it is also one of the best places on the web that covers survey data released in the industry. And their analysis isn’t run-of-the-mill. They are going to tell you how it affects you directly, and how you can step up to the challenge.

2. Harvard Business Review

If the name Harvard is involved, it generally has the quality element covered, and the HBR is no exception. This HR blog should top any manager’s list of must-reads. With national and international contributors ranging from Harvard Business Review editors to business leaders to university professors, the blog covers a wide variety of topics every month…organizational trends and advice, and the bigger picture elements that focus on leadership and strategy.

3. Undercover Recruiter

Although this blog has less of a pure recruiting and HR focus, it masterfully blends jobseeker-specific content with tips for recruiters and hiring managers. Overall, Undercover Recruiter provides great perspective on both sides of the current employer/employee market. Its content can be appreciated by TA professionals and jobseekers alike.

4. Indeed Blog

As home to the world’s #1 job site and largest database of jobseeker information, Indeed’s blog is jam-packed with data-driven articles that are chock-full of useful tips for recruiters and hiring managers. From dissecting the perfect job posting to talent attraction, this site has some of the best educational and actionable content available to the world of recruitment.


The title of this blog says it all! If you’re a recruiter, this is a no-brainer blog to read and follow. Its content, published daily content, is incredibly insightful and informative. From prescreening tips and tricks to facilitating an effective onboarding process and improving the candidate experience, the site covers an abundance of different topics that will appeal to any recruitment specialist.

6. Get Hppy

If you’re on the lookout for valuable employee engagement content, Get Hppy is the resource you’ve been waiting for. The site features topics like recognizing employees, maintaining high retention rates, and boosting workplace productivity. You’ll be sure to discover some awesome ideas that you can apply within your organization.

7. The Labor and Employment Law Blog

Are you an HR manager or TA professional that needs to stay in-the-know about the latest employment news? If so, this blog is for you. The site provides nationwide coverage of evolving case law, statutes, and regulations regarding labor in the United States. The Labor and Employment Law Blog will allow you to gain a summary of important court cases in a matter of minutes.

8. Clear Review

A tremendous HR resource for any professional, Clear Review is clearly one of the best HR blogs available online. Its content is loaded with valuable information for any business and HR leader. The site features articles based on people management, work culture, developmental conversations, technology, and engagement, among other topics.  Users can also sort through content based on challenges that they are facing within their organization, such as “How will I handle pay and promotions without appraisals?” or “How can I engage feedback to be given more frequently?”

9. SnackNation

While SnackNation is known as a healthy office snack delivery company, it also features a fun and creative workforce blog on its website. Articles primarily center around caring for your employees and fostering their well-being. Topics of discussion include workplace wellness tips, virtual event ideas, and other innovative ways to appreciate your employees. If your organization is looking for fresh ideas to mix things up in your workplace, SnackNation is a great place to start.

10. The Evil HR Lady

Despite its moniker, this HR blog features a solid and likable approach to its writing.  The Evil HR Lady shares stories from the trenches in a fun, easy-to-read manner. She even accepts questions from HR professionals via email and answers them within her content.


Our Acara team is confident that HR and TA professionals alike will find our list of the top 10 HR and recruitment blogs to be valuable and insightful. Daily digestion of these resources will improve not only your individual performance, but that of your entire organization.

If you’re longing for more HR, recruiting, and talent acquisition resources, check out our Acara blog or head to our resources page.