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Winning Recipe for Job Descriptions

Here’s the situation: your job description is long and boring. The good thing is that the majority of your competitors’ job descriptions are also boring, chocked full of buzzwords and language that make the average hiring manager seem intimidating.

Unfortunately, job seekers want to feel comfortable when applying for a job versus intimidated.

In terms of a marketing tool for your business, a job description is often the first impression that a potential candidate is going to see, and it could set your company apart from your competitors and make or break your chances of hiring some potentially amazing people.

While not everyone is a wordsmith, everyone has access to Google, and that is where we set our sights when looking for job descriptions that we thought were worthy of making our list of three best.


It’s no surprise that a site that helps promising ideas take root has fun and welcoming job descriptions. Kickstarter does a great job of eliminating the buzzwords and displaying a warm and employee-friendly workplace.




Bonobos takes every advantage to brand itself on its careers pages. They’re a little out there, and it’s a good thing if you are too.




Google knows itself, and they want people to be happy working there—and their careers page and job descriptions speak to their high hopes for your future.



Each of these companies keep it simple, fun, and carefree. In these examples, each company has replaced stodgy buzzwords, and long-winded descriptions for much more conversational and personal job postings that describe everyday life at their company.

Not only is this strategy much more inviting—it’s more successful.