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3 Ways to Continue Business Growth During COVID-19

As more companies shift to a work-from-home model during COVID-19, new challenges are arising. When we make the move from an office environment to a home office environment, the transition can affect our ability to connect with others and be productive—especially for those of us with kids at home (as many schools are shut down nationwide).

This can completely disrupt the rhythm of our days and what we normally get accomplished. Here are four ways to stay on point.


1. Mircostep your way through working at home.

I like this “Work through the Pandemic” post by Andrew Seaman, an editor at LinkedIn. It’s actually more of a thread than a post—it is a collection of advice from professionals that includes a way to “microstep” your way through working at home. The main idea is to adjust to your new normal by building resilience and new healthy habits.

From the CDC, here’s how to do it.


2. Stay hopeful, happy, and stress-free.

If you have the routines and microsteps in place to drive normalcy, you will stay on task. But how do you keep yourself happy, productive, and stress-free when social distancing is the new norm? With insights from this article by Business Insider, here are some ways to make it happen:

Have a dedicated workspace.
This is critical to separate your work from personal. Don’t plop down in front of your TV or sit on your bed. The dedicated workspace will keep you looking for different distractions.

Start your mornings strong.
With gyms closed and extra time in the house, consider starting your morning with meditation or a journal on what you want to get accomplished for the day.

Manage your clients’ expectations.
Be upfront with your clients and let them know your new work from home schedule, that there may be background noise, or that you may have a different schedule with kids home from school.

Take a break when you need it!
After you’ve worked for two or three hours, perform a household exercise, such as emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, or getting the mail. This few-minute break will get your blood pumping and re-charged to sit down and focus on your next task.

Stay social.
Call people! Encourage yourself and others to socialize. If you’re going to be tied down to your remote workstation, computer, and phone, mix in some casual conversations throughout the day. Combatting isolation will help you keep a clear and happy frame of mind.

Learn more in this guide from Career Karma.


3. Assist, educate, and inspire others.

Not everyone has worked for home before or knows the best way to do so. What can you do to be prepared to work from home? Check out these free LinkedIn courses for you to share with your workforce during COVID-19. The content is useful for team leaders and team members alike.

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