Steps on How to Improve Your Hiring Reputation

In today’s candidate-driven labor market, top talent can afford to get picky about the types of job opportunities that they choose to pursue. As most job seekers tend to begin their employment searches online, it’s important for your organization to build a positive employer brand. The presence of an engaging and employee-first company reputation can be incredibly valuable for your talent attraction and hiring efforts.

3 Employer Branding Strategies for Recruiters

Our team at Acara has the latest on how you can strengthen your employer brand in our Hiring Reputation E-Book. Here’s a sneak peek at ways to improve your company’s reputation and enhance the quality of talent that applies to your open employment opportunities.

Define your employee value proposition

An employee value proposition (EVP) is defined as the added value to employees given in return for the skills, expertise, and experience that they bring to your company. In essence, your EVP should consist of enticing benefits and perks that are given to employees to make their work tenure more valuable or rewarding. When businesses can accurately describe and define the advantages of working for their company over another, it’s easier to pitch your organization to prospective applicants during the hiring process.

Monitor online reviews

As so many job hunters are seeking out opportunities on the web, it’s important to monitor your company’s digital presence on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. These job boards contain reviews from current and former employees. You may be faced with some negative ratings from disgruntled staff members that could potentially turn applicants away from your organization. How you choose to respond to these reviews is telling about your company and its brand, so be sure to reply in a respectful manner. Don’t take these comments too personally—the loudest and most outspoken voices rarely represent the majority!

Show a commitment to social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is top-of-mind for young job seekers in today’s market. Don’t believe us? According to an article in Fast Company, 64% of millennials said they wouldn’t take a job for a company that wasn’t socially responsible, while 75% said they’d take a lower salary to work at a company that better aligns with their values. If you don’t think that your organization’s social reputation matters, you’re wrong! The easiest way to highlight your company’s commitment to corporate responsibility is by displaying it on your website. Some businesses have created corporate social responsibility pages to showcase their philanthropic and diversity efforts, while others choose to publish annual sustainability reports that display important energy and waste reduction initiatives.

Emphasize diversity

In addition to being socially responsible, candidates also seek employers that are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. A survey from The Manifest shows that 70% of job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to purposeful DEI initiatives. Fostering a sense of belonging is crucial in today’s day and age, and many younger candidates can sense whether a prospective employer is being genuine with their diversity efforts. To broaden your talent reach, consider posting your open positions to job boards like,,, and

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