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The Best Ways to Get in Touch with a Recruiter

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By Stephanie Amos

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Since the earliest beginnings of my recruiting career, the start of the new year has always been a popular time to connect with dozens of candidates who are interested in searching for employment opportunities. It should come as no surprise to see a recent report from the American Staffing Association, which states that 80% of both active and passive job seekers foresee working for a new company in the next 12 months.

I’m sure many of you currently have “Find a new job” as one of your primary New Year’s resolutions for 2021. By getting in touch with a recruiter, you’ll be one step closer to checking this goal off your to-do list. But what are some of the best ways to get a recruiter’s attention? By following these four tips, I’ll demonstrate how you can successfully reach out to recruitment specialists when kicking off your job search.

Iron out the details

Before reaching out to a recruiter, here are some often-overlooked aspects of your professional profile that you should be sure to update:

  • Clear your inbox of any unwanted voicemail messages
  • Add a high-resolution picture to your LinkedIn page
  • Ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are aligned and up-to-date
  • Include information about relevant professional achievements and goals that you successfully attained

Pick up the phone

Prior to firing off an introductory email or send a message through LinkedIn, my advice is to call your recruiter as a first step in the process (and leave a message if you are unable to reach them). As a large percentage of my day is spent talking to candidates on the phone, I know firsthand that this form of communication is much more intimate and personal than a simple email or message. Just from one simple conversation, recruiters will be able to gain valuable information about your personality and formulate an idea of the types of roles that could suit you. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and make a call!

Transparency is key

Upon successfully connecting with a recruiter, make sure that you are prepared to talk specifics about a potential employment opportunity. Be open to discussing what you are seeking in your day-to-day role and what your preferred salary range looks like. The more information that you can provide to the recruiter, the more they’ll be able to find a suitable position that best addresses your wants and needs.

Be persistent

Once you have engaged in productive conversations with a recruiter, it is important to routinely touch base with them. Ask about potential job opportunities that they may have seen in recent weeks. See if they have any recommendations or ideas in mind that could spruce up your LinkedIn account, improve your resume, and enhance your overall professional profile. Use your recruiter as a resource—they are always willing to lend a hand and help you find success in your job hunt!


While job opportunities have been tough to come by during the pandemic, connecting with the right recruiter will boost your employment chances tenfold. By following these four tips, you’ll be on your way to building a substantial relationship with a recruitment professional and discovering a new job that aligns with your professional skill set. Ultimately, your sense of patience and persistence will be rewarded in good time!

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