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Acara Solutions Canada Recognized as Finalist for Employer of the Year

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By Nigel Hapuarachchi

Regional Director of Business Development

How Acara Has Distinguished Itself within the Canadian Market

Our team at Acara Solutions Canada was humbled and honored to be recognized as a finalist for the “Employer of the Year” award by the Mississauga Board of Trade. As a proven provider of talent acquisition and recruiting solutions, we are excited to continue expanding our organizational footprint throughout Ontario and the greater Canadian market by connecting businesses with qualified talent.

Here are several ways that our organization has distinguished itself as a top employer in the Mississauga market:

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Fostering a positive workplace culture

As an organization that is intimately familiar with the employment market, we understand the importance of promoting and fostering a positive workplace culture. To that end, we have utilized the following strategies to build a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive working environment:

  • Conducting anonymous pulse surveys to measure employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Rewarding hard-working and deserving internal employees with promotions
  • Keeping employees apprised of company-wide happenings through town hall meetings, intranet posts, and internal newsletters
  • Celebrating individual and team successes through employee recognition programs

Embracing workplace diversity

As the global business climate has recently shown a strong sensitivity toward diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, Acara is proud to promote diversity within our organization. We deploy the following strategies to ensure that our organization—along with the clients that we serve—are represented by a diverse collection of employees:

  • Educating our recruiters on the value of diverse hiring strategies
  • Conducting unconscious bias trainings and workshops
  • Formulating an internal diversity committee to enhance DEI efforts
  • Creating resource groups for employees of diverse backgrounds
  • Recognizing and celebrating cultural holidays and events

Promoting a work-life balance

To encourage a suitable work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle, Acara Solutions Canada is proud to promote full work-from-home flexibility for all employees. One of our organization’s foundational tenets is to “leave your work… at work.” Ultimately, we have learned that it is often counterproductive to exceed an employee’s available bandwidth without facing a loss of productivity or other repercussions. Some effective tactics to promote a work-life balance include:

  • Mandating employees to utilize paid time off at least once per month
  • Encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout the workday
  • Providing team lunches and bonding activities outside of the workplace

Encouraging innovative ideas and creative strategies

In an industry dominated by new and emerging technology and creative solutions, Acara is fully committed to fostering a culture that embraces innovation and seeks consistent growth. The success of our organization—and the organizations that we serve—depends on our ability to think outside the box to generate new and inventive approaches to talent acquisition. To promote innovation and growth within our organization, Acara:

  • Encourages collaboration among departments
  • Maintains open lines of communication
  • Conducts quarterly performance reviews for all employees
  • Promotes corporate social responsibility and community involvement initiatives

Offering learning and development opportunities

Our team at Acara is committed to fostering an organizational culture that embraces continuous learning and development opportunities for its employees. Namely, we have centered our focus on:

  • Establishing a quasi-mentor system to help new employees through the onboarding process
  • Offering training opportunities for recruiters to enhance sourcing and recruiting strategies
  • Providing job shadowing opportunities to familiarize employees with different teams and departments
  • Developing and continually refining soft skills to improve communication, teamwork, and time management


The prioritization of these strategies has helped our team attract and, more importantly, retain top talent. Acara’s employee-first approach has contributed to tremendous levels of success and growth in recent years. As our name recognition and employer brand continue to grow throughout the Canadian market, so too will our opportunities to connect businesses with candidates in ways that change lives.

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