Brian Christel Celebrates 30 Years at Acara Solutions

For 30 years, Brian Christel has been integral to the growth and expansion of Acara Solutions. Beginning his career as a Branch Manager in Phoenix, Brian played a pivotal role in driving new business opportunities to support Acara’s west-coast operations. His pursuit of excellence and commitment to success has enabled his upward climb within our organization.

Since taking over as President in 2016, Brian’s strategic thinking and years of industry experience have been vital in cultivating purposeful partnerships to create results for our customers. His business acumen, eye for potential acquisitions, and support of our company’s rebranding efforts have attributed to Acara’s organizational success and longevity.

“Brian has been a trusted and faithful steward of the Acara brand for many years,” said CEO Scott Stenclik. “His expertise, experience, and enthusiasm have consistently elevated our company to new heights. On behalf of our Acara team, I thank Brian for his many years of consummate loyalty and dedicated service to our company.”

We are proud to celebrate Brian’s 30th work anniversary with Acara Solutions. Please join us in congratulating Brian and recognizing his hard work and devotion to our company!

At Acara, we firmly believe in a company culture that celebrates the successes and recognizes the accomplishments of our many employees. As an organization, we’re supportive. We’re principled. We’re accountable. We’re engaged. We’re transparent. We’re all-in. By keeping these values at the heart of all that we do, we are committed to fostering a supportive and uplifting work environment—one that has enabled the success of our organization since its earliest beginnings.