Chris Delaney

Chris Delaney Helps Bring Meaningful Change to His Local Community

Acara is committed to promoting community engagement, economic empowerment, and inclusivity in the communities we serve. To that end, our organization has supported the worthwhile causes of many local and national partners for decades. Oftentimes, our passionate colleagues bring these causes to our attention!

As a way to give back to his local community, Acara Vice President of Client Solutions and Delivery, Chris Delaney, joined the board of Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) in May of 2021. A premier non-profit agency headquartered in Rockledge, Florida, BAC utilizes government funding to provide adults with disabilities the opportunity to achieve personal success through training and work experience.

The organization’s 200+ employees are dedicated to creating an accessible, inclusive world for the workers they serve. Their leadership team and board of directors strive to build a community where people of all abilities can experience the pride that comes with being an independent and resourceful contributor to the workforce. Through their vision and mission, they hope to change lives for the better and inspire dreams in thousands of adults throughout the southeastern U.S. and beyond.

Chris chose BAC because he felt their mission—of providing vital jobs to workers—was aligned with that of Acara. “I feel it’s important to find ways in which to impact the communities in which we work,” said Chris. “Joining the BAC board gave me a manner in which to get in front of new people and gain access to business opportunities that otherwise would not have been open to me—all while assisting an organization with a mission I’m passionate about.” Chris went on to say that our role at Acara is about more than just making job placements. The time and effort we commit to helping our customers and communities will foster stronger relationships across the board. Not just today, but for many years into the future.

So impressed with Chris’ dedication and BAC’s mission was Acara’s leadership that the organization is backing the cause with financial support. Indeed, Acara encourages our team members to get involved, volunteer, and give back to a charity, cause, or organization that will help bring meaningful change in the communities in which we live and work!

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