Superior Named to Largest U.S. Staffing Firms


Acara has been named by Staffing Industry Analysts on their list of 2014 Largest Staffing and Talent Engagement Firms with revenues over $100 million in the United States. Superior has been ranked the 32nd largest provider in the U.S.

The 124 firms on the list generated $74.1 billion in U.S. staffing and talent engagement revenue, which comprised 54.5 percent of the total market.

Talent engagement revenue is defined as Professional Employer Organization (PEO) net revenue, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) revenue, Payrolling net revenue, online staffing revenue and Managed Service Provider (MSP) fee revenue.

“The 124 firms that qualified for this year’s report represents the highest number since the boom year of 2000 when 128 firms met the threshold,” said Timothy Landhuis, Senior Research Analyst for Staffing Industry Analysts. “Both the large number of firms, as well as the $74.1 billion of revenue, underscore the record level of demand for staffing and talent engagement services in the U.S. economy.”

Another thing noted is that competition has never been higher, as no firm on the list holds more than a 6% share, and the majority of staffing firms have less than .2%.

The key takeaway from this report is that the U.S. staffing market remains a highly competitive landscape, and the competition to find and deploy the best talent has led to a variety of innovative and niche ways to recruit talent, and that the opportunity for growth is a prevalent trend in staffing.

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