Superior Wins Talent Board Candidate Experience Award


Acara was recently recognized as a 2016 North American Candidate Experience Award winner. As one of only 50 winners, the companies chosen underwent a comprehensive evaluation and data analysis process, and were found to have exemplary candidate experiences as defined by the candidates themselves.

Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the promotion and benchmark research of a quality candidate experience, led the evaluation process. The 2016 North American CandE Awards set a new program record, as 240 employers from around the globe put their recruiting and hiring processes to the test, and over 183,000 job seekers shared their thoughts and experiences as candidates.

The 50 winning companies were identified through a blind data analysis based on their candidate survey scores. Focused on the candidates’ direct responses to “likely to apply again,” “likely to refer a friend” and overall ratings, the scoring created value ranking for systematically identifying the strongest companies and ultimately, this year’s winners.

To qualify, each company had to commit to a statistically significant candidate response, and the proportion of respondents not hired also had to exceed a set standard. No other candidate experience research effort meets these strict standards.
Among the 50 winners were notable companies including General Electric, LEGO, Facebook, and many more.

“Superior is proud to be considered by our candidates as one of the top recruiting experiences in the country,” said Brian Christel, President of Superior Talent Resources. “Our candidates are our number one brand ambassadors, and it has always been our goal to provide a job search experience that empowers our candidates to obtain the jobs they need—and one that leaves a lasting impression of our brand.”