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Cross-Pollination: Strengthening Business Partnerships in the U.S. and India

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By Ranjay Sarda

Regional Director of Business Development

Since the 1940s, Indian companies have considered the United States to be a promising investment opportunity. In the decades that followed, this pattern has continued to grow in both size and scope. Today, hundreds of companies with headquarters in India have established operational hubs in America and taken advantage of tremendous overseas business opportunities by propelling international expansion efforts.

According to a recent article by The Economic Times, more than 150 Indian companies have invested $22 billion in the United States. This has generated nearly 125,000 employment opportunities in the country. States like Texas, California, New Jersey, New York, and Florida have been viewed as the primary landing spots for Indian companies. In just these five states, almost 50,000 jobs have been created. Yet as shown by the map below, the geographical presence of Indian companies stretches far beyond these five states.

As Indian companies further their commitments to the American market, our team at Acara Solutions has done our part to support this continued multinational expansion. In fact, my personal transition from our Acara India office to a new space in Charlotte, North Carolina was primarily focused on the construction of a new cross-pollination vertical that would support our clients and their operations nationwide. Upon arriving in the U.S., my goal was to educate and work with Indian companies to improve their hiring and talent acquisition strategies in America.

Over the last four years, about 75% of my customers have been headquartered in India but looking to increase the size of their workforces in America. Many of these companies have been focused on industries such as IT and telecommunications, life sciences and healthcare, and manufacturing. For a more detailed look at sector diversification of Indian companies, take a look at the pie chart below (statistics via Confederation of Indian Industry).


In North Carolina alone, the 19 Indian companies that operate within the state have created over 4,000 jobs and invested over $87 million into the local economy. Many of these companies are prominent global brands that have partnered with Acara to maximize the success of their hiring strategies.

I have also developed partnerships with a large number of U.S.-based companies that are looking to dial up their hiring efforts in India, as well. The opportunity to help companies enter these new markets while coming to understand the nuances that accompany their expansion is a critically important task, but one that has proven to be incredibly rewarding for my professional career.

At Acara, we realize the significance of the business opportunity at hand. With valuable experience in both the U.S. and Indian markets, our team is well-positioned to assist clients in both of these geographies. The development of a strong, fortified partnership between India and the United States is vital for international business success and prosperity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the American government continues to promote a positive economic environment that allows Indian companies to prosper, the impact will be mutually beneficial for both nations.

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