4 Tips to Secure Top Talent

Employee Perspectives: Recruiting Tips from Acara Insiders

Last month, we posted weekly LinkedIn articles from a few of our most influential recruitment professionals. Their contributions have helped us compile original content for our upcoming Recruiters’ Tool Chest while celebrating their own employee brands at the same time. Here’s a recap of what we shared in May.


Is your hiring process ready to skip college? by Damian Scandiffio

Ah, college. The best four years of your life.

Or is it?

In his article, Acara Client Services Director Damien Scandiffio points out how today’s younger workers are “increasingly opting to bypass dorm life, meal plans, and frisbee on the quad” for a quicker path to career development; instead of going to college, they’re jumping headlong into the workforce. But how does this affect recruiters and hiring managers?

> > > Check out Damien’s article to find out.


What Bypassing College Could Mean for Gen Z and Recruiters: An Interview with Chris Beckage

Damian’s article led to a conversation between Hunt Scanlon Media and Acara VP of BD, Christopher Beckage. During this interview, Chris adds his own professional opinions on the idea of bypassing college: “For younger individuals who are unsure about attending college,” Chris says, “there is opportunity to develop desirable, job-ready skill-sets and attain visibility with future employers.”

> > > Read the entire interview here.


8 Recruiting Strategies to Secure Top Talent by Ryan Stenvick

In his 15+ years of experience working in talent and recruitment services, Acara VP of BD Ryan Stenvick has seen a lot of ups and downs on both sides of the table. These days, it looks like job seekers are taking control of the conversation. But what does that mean for job recruiters and talent acquisition specialists?

> > > Find out how to secure high-quality job candidates in Ryan’s article.


Why Top Employees Leave Their Jobs by Gina Milonas

We know that the labor market is tighter than ever. As such, many talented workers are bailing on their current jobs to seek other employment opportunities. To curb this trend, Acara Account Executive Gina Milonas is chalking up five reasons why people are leaving their jobs. What’s more, she’s offering strategies to keep this from happening at your workplace.

> > > Want to enhance your employee retention? Check out Gina’s article.


Pay Rates: How to Let the Market Help You by Jason Hatch

Money talks, and so does Jason Hatch. In his article, the Acara Account Executive is helping you answer the question, “What does it pay?” Jason lays out three good ways to identify a job candidate’s market rate:

  1. Communicate with your candidates
  2. Use a salary calculator
  3. Partner up with the pros

> > > Get all the details from Jason’s article here.


4 Ways to Overcome Hiring Challenges by Joe Ranieri

Acara Account Executive Joe Ranieri does his best John Madden impression by saying, quite frankly, “speed kills.” In his article, Joe stresses the importance of moving quickly through the recruitment process. Yes, it is important to make thoughtful, careful decisions when hiring—but how can we do so with maximum efficiency?

> > > Maximize your speed and agility with this article from Joe.


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