Is Job Hopping as Bad as You Think?

The rise in job hopping has been well documented as of late, and it’s something that talent acquisition professionals deal with on a daily basis. How should we feel about employees who move from job to job year after year?

Many people view job hopping as something negative. When I conduct an intake call for new positions with clients, they often tell me that they won’t even give job hoppers a chance. My strong advice for these people? Reconsider. 

Instead of dismissing job hoppers, let’s ask them pointblank: “Why did you leave your previous job?” If their response seems dishonest, deflective, or otherwise unclear, then we will know to move in a different direction. As experts in talent and recruiting services, it would be irresponsible for us to deny a candidate the opportunity to explain themselves.

Okay, so why might great employees hop jobs? Here are three reasons:

1. A promotion, pay raise, or both.

With so much information at our fingertips, it is easier than ever for people to see what they are worth from a salary perspective. Popular career sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, for example, help people get a better feel for their earning potential. If a person is not getting to the level they want to with their current company, can you really blame them for trying to get it somewhere else?

2. More perks and better fit elsewhere.

Another thing we hear a lot about in staffing and recruiting is “company culture,” and rightfully so. No one will argue that it’s important for companies to hire people who align with their mission and vision. But, it’s just as important for job seekers to find employers that line up with their own values and goals. The problem is, though, that it isn’t always possible to know the culture of an organization until you’re there. And if it isn’t working out, it might mean finding somewhere new.

3. They get recruited.

This one’s my favorite. Clients ask me all the time, “Why does this person want to leave their current job?” My response is almost always the same: “They don’t, but they love what I have to say about your company!” Conversations like this invite candidates to engage a company, explore job opportunities, and then pursue them—which is now easier than ever before.

With modern recruiting tools, quality candidates are constantly receiving messages about new opportunities—whether it’s online or at a networking event, people are being recruited all the time. Remember: if you aren’t keeping your employees happy, someone else will.

Long story short? Don’t judge a book by its cover—and don’t judge a job-hopping job candidate by his or her resume. Give the good candidates a chance! Some of them just might surprise you.   

Jason Hatch is an account executive at Acara Solutions.