Posting Resumes on TikTok: The Latest Recruitment Trend

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By Shannon Callahan

Account Executive

Ready for the latest social media craze that’s gaining traction across the country? As employers get creative in their search for talent, many have turned to TikTok to find qualified candidates.

Yes, the video-sharing social networking site that we’ve all come to know and love is doing more than just entertaining millions of Americans—it’s now helping them to find a job. Due to current nationwide talent shortages that are disrupting business operations, TikTok has implemented a simple—yet potentially game-changing—idea that could alter the world of talent acquisition.

What is TikTok Resumes?

To help employers more effectively connect with prospective employees, TikTok unveiled a temporary U.S. pilot program called TikTok Resumes, which allows candidates to apply for open positions by submitting video resumes on its platform. Supplanting the age-old cover letter and paper resume application process, job seekers can now showcase their creativity and passion through short digital videos. The idea—specifically catered to young millennials and Gen-Z job seekers—is designed to help them discover entry-level positions.

To browse available job openings and submit your video resume, check out the TikTok Resumes site here.

Which companies are using TikTok Resumes?

For several years, organizations from across the world have utilized TikTok to improve their brands and promote their products or services. Now, they can use TikTok Resumes as a means of attracting talent to their open jobs. To date, several big-name employers—including Chipotle, Forever 21, NASCAR, Shopify, and Target—have jumped onboard the TikTok Resumes trend and created their own job listings pages. Once candidates successfully apply for a position by sending in their video resumes, employers can then review the submissions before scheduling candidate interviews. The process is designed to be as smooth and painless as possible—one that companies hope will more effectively connect them to top talent.

Are there any drawbacks to TikTok Resumes?

The very nature of video resumes presents a challenge for companies and their talent acquisition teams. While submitting a video application enables candidates to showcase their passion and excitement more than a conventional cover letter or paper resume, there is also a greater chance of unconscious bias that can influence the hiring process. Hiring managers and other primary decision-makers run the risk of unintentionally judging a candidate’s appearance or actions on camera and using that against them when making a decision on their hiring status. Organizations that utilize the TikTok Resumes platform will need to educate their TA teams on the importance of expelling unconscious biases from recruiting efforts—thereby facilitating a fair and just hiring process for all prospective employees.

Will video resumes stick around? 

Although the TikTok Resumes pilot is only set to run through July 31, look for companies and candidates alike to push for the program to be extended. The idea is creative, it’s current, and it’s caught on incredibly quickly. By making job applications—particularly entry-level ones—as easily accessible as possible, organizations can boost their chances of increasing the size of their applicant pool and finding the talent they need to maintain business continuity. As the entire TikTok platform continues to evolve and expand in the months ahead, look for video resumes to become a primary talent acquisition strategy for companies across the country.

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This blog was written by Acara Account Executive Shannon Callahan.

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