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Acara Unveils Recruiters’ Tool Chest

Is it just us or has Christmas come early this year? What’s that? It’s just us? Well, mix yourself your favorite holiday cocktail and climb aboard the Flavor Train because we’ve got a big ol’ bag of goodies just for you, the recruiting professional. Here’s what you’re getting from our brand-new, never-before-seen Recruiters’ Tool Chest.


Two Blogs from Two Veteran Leaders

  1. Ryan Stenvick is a VP over here at Acara Solutions, and for good reason. With 13+ years at our company and more than 16 years of overall recruiting experience, Ryan is a seasoned pro. In his blog, 8 Recruiting Strategies to Secure Top Talent, you’ll get next-level insights from a guy who knows the business inside and out.
  2. And how about Client Services Director Damian Scandiffio? With well over a decade of experience in key leadership roles in various industries such as transportation, healthcare, and human resources, Damian knows a thing or two about a thing or two. In his blog, Is Your Hiring Process Ready to Skip College?, Damian explains how to handle job recruits who passed on going to college.

These two pieces of content are straight from the source. Check them out in our Recruiters’ Tool Chest.


Top-3 Resources from Our Own Queen Bee of Recruitment

Sine (pronounced “See-Nuh”) Lorenzen is the Corporate Recruiting Manager at Acara affiliate, Aleron. With 10+ years of experience in talent acquisition and recruiting, she is an expert in finding top talent, leading HR initiatives, and developing careers.

We asked Sine for her three favorite tools for recruiting, and she did not fail to deliver. Find out what Sine has to say about the benefits of:

  • Using LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Exploring industry-specific LinkedIn groups
  • Making way for AI

You’ll get all that and more in our Recruiters’ Tool Chest.


A Handpicked Collection of Multimedia Resources for Recruiters

What are some good videos, blogs, and articles that will help you, the recruiter? We did the digging so you don’t have to. And when we were done digging, well, we dug some more. Can you dig it? The Multimedia Pack portion of our Recruiters’ Tool Chest includes nine different forms of content—each of which features job recruitment tips, tricks, and tools from experienced HR professionals.

  1. Video
  2. Book
  3. Blog
  4. Article
  5. Listicle
  6. Games
  7. Podcast
  8. E-Learning Platform
  9. Newsletter

Unlock all nine of these media-rich resources in our Recruiters’ Tool Chest.


“Anatomy of a Job Description” Infographic

We polled our team of 80+ recruiters and asked them, “What are job candidates looking for when they read a job description?” We picked the four most prevalent topics, paired each one with a notable quote from a recruiter, and backed up our claims with current stats from a variety of trusted industry sources.

The best part? We put it all together with key points of emphasis in a nifty little infographic we’re calling Anatomy of a Job Description.

Could you use a hand writing high-quality job descriptions? This piece of content is for you, and it’s only available in our Recruiters’ Tool Chest.


Something special for the startup community

You didn’t think we’d forget about our friends in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, did you? Heck no. That’s why we sat down with Tom Hausler, the Talent Manager at Viaduct, a talent acquisition company that specializes in finding talent for emerging businesses.

Viaduct, which operates alongside Acara as an Aleron company, works with entrepreneurs to identify new job candidates, assess their compatibilities, and manage their onboarding every step of the way. In fact, that’s pretty much what Tom’s job is, so we asked him what sort of recruitment tools he uses to engage job seekers for startups and small businesses.

Again, LinkedIn came out as a clear-cut favorite. But Tom also talked a lot about the importance of networking, specifically as it relates to word-of-mouth references.

We learned a lot from Tom, and so can you when you read his interview in our Recruiters’ Tool Chest.

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